Thompson and Rochester John Marshall forward Matthew Hurt

When I read "I'm the girl that got raped" (The Age, 21/3), l thought how little had changed since l was a judge's associate in the County Court more than 20 years ago. If you were the accused and could afford $10,000 or more a day for a top criminal barrister, there was a great chance you would be found not guilty of rape charges. An experienced barrister could make the most virtuous woman look as if she had asked to be raped..

Runners love analyzing their races, calculating their pace and finding lessons to apply to the next race. One important part of recounting the race is looking at photos and reliving the excitement. How can you make sure you get and take the best race day photos? We talked to five professional race photographers to get their tips for both runners and their family and friends taking photos to make sure you get the best race day mementos possible.

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I've sort of been off. I'm never recognized. I'm recognized maybe once a year. Increase in H 1B salaries to the mooted USD 100,000 levels could lead to significantly higher costs for the industry. Given the competitive nature of the sector currently, we see a risk that these higher costs may not be fully passed on to end clients, leading to vendors absorbing a significant extent of the impact. Over time, we could see increasing adoption of offshore resources and automation, Citi had earlier said in a note.