He later was moved to the Buchenwald camp in Germany

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canada goose store Derrin Crawford and Demi Leigh Cruickshank in The Liver Birds LOVE magazine, Liverpool, 2012 Photograph by Alice Hawkins Part of the North exhibition at Open Eye Gallery Share CommentsEarlier this week the Echo sparked controversy after top hairdressers declared the curly blow dry was no longer one of the most sought after hairdos in the city, describing the WAG associated look as 'dated' and 'tacky'.Mainstream hairdressers raced to declare that the curly blow still holds a place in people's hearts, and that it was part of a great canon of Liverpool hairstyles.From Cilla's beehive bob to modern messy waves, we asked some of Liverpool's best hairstylists to take us on a historic hair tour.(Photo: Parlophone Records / Warner Music Group)The Beatles and Cilla Black ensured that 60s Liverpool wasn't just a musical city, but one that led the way in hair."Cilla was an iconic Liverpool redhead," said Andrea Daley Canada Goose Outlet, creative director at Barbara Daley. "She made red hair cool, and she did a lot for redheads in the city,"Andrew Collinge, the city's most decorated stylist, said: "In the 60s you had the Beatles' look that went round the world. You had Cilla Black's iconic beehive bob. canada goose store

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