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That is why our opponents' latest strategy is to marginalize supporters of marijuana policy reform. In the past Hermes Belts Replica, opponents of marijuana legalization wrongly pointed to the issue's absence from any ballot as evidence that no one in Maine supported it. When 67% of Portland voters approved such a measure last year Replica Hermes Belts, they downplayed overwhelming support it received.

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Replica Leather Belt The other ID issue is that who's to say that the signature is valid even if it matches perfectly? Especially in the case of the elderly, when a home health aide may fill out the ballot for them who can guarantee that the voter in question witnessed the aide filling out the ballot according to the voter's wishes? Who can guarantee that the actual voter signed the ballot?The final issue with absentee ballots is perhaps the most pervasive the mailing issue. Some states have a habit of sending ballots out rather close to the deadline (strategically, some might say). Once the voter receives the ballot Replica Belts, they still must account for transit time, back to the election board Replica Leather Belt.