Firefighters from several nearby communities were called to

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canada goose store Chris West said.A series of accidents on the bridge resulted in a 10 vehicle pileup, which was capped by a tractor trailer that caused an explosion and large fire when it slammed into the other vehicles, West said.Firefighters from several nearby communities were called to assist in putting out the blaze and all westbound traffic was diverted to State Highway 48 at mile marker 217.Two separate accidents in Oklahoma County killed two, said Michelann Ooten Canada Goose Outlet, state Emergency Management Department spokeswoman.A Canadian County crash killed one.Two died in separate accidents in Beckham County.A Tillman County crash killed one and two died in separate Tulsa County crashes.The identities of those killed were not immediately available.Troopers have worked more than 150 injury and noninjury accidents since Saturday night.The Oklahoma Transportation Department are plowing and treating roadways. Officials are asking motorists to slow down and stay at least 200 feet behind vehicles. Today.Sgt. canada goose store

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