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"Thus, the most recent data indicates that the magnet is not positively impacting student achievement."The proposal further reads: "The continuation of the Maupin Elementary School Catalpa School of Innovation Magnet Program for the 2017 18 school year would not support addressing the improvement priorities identified by the audit and would not support increased student achievement."WDRB first reported last fall that the district had quietly changed course on a plan that allowed two of its lowest performing elementary schools to experiment with new ways of teaching and learning.At the time it was approved, the district said it would spend about $370,000 over four years to implement the Catalpa program at Maupin.Parents and teachers at both schools have been frustrated with the lack of progress delivered in what they say was promised to, it been a case of false advertisement, said Sharon Lee, whose granddaughter attends Maupin, told WDRB last fall. Thought the kids would be getting this new innovative program and half way through the first year, it just stopped. The 2015 16 year at Maupin had a rocky start the school struggled with its new curriculum and managing student behavior that some teachers said disrupted learning to a point that they couldn teach.Jennifer Nelson, a teacher at the school who helped create the idea behind the Catalpa School at Maupin, told WDRB in December that the first year was "very challenging.""We had a huge transition Cheap Canada Goose Outlet," Nelson said.

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