The running back starts the hand off running towards the

"The fans all say the same things about The Wire: they love the characters, the stories, the toughness, the Shakespearean aspect. For us in the cast, it was absolutely heartbreaking when the show ended. We tried to put out a rumour there would be a movie version, but that didn't fly.

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I run in lower Bidwell here a lot, so I know the environment." Gulbrandsen, PV's current cross country coach whose own coach during her high school career at PV was her father, Chris Gulbrandsen, ran collegiately in Division I, and she said her dad had been telling her to race locally. Now 29, she has been running since junior high, when she first ran the Almond Bowl, which she hadn't run since. "It's been since, probably, junior high," said Gulbrandsen, whose winning time was 18:53.6.

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