10 Black-Owned Menswear Labels to Keep On Your Radar

From streetwear to formal luxury, get to know these fashion labels during Black History Month.

The sphere of menswear is one which is constantly shifting, changing and moving forward. Fluid and dynamic, the best menswear labels are those which can keep up with contemporary trends while carving out an area for themselves, a niche in which their designs can flourish. In celebration of Black History Month, we’re highlighting 10 Black-owned menswear labels doing just that.

1. 5001 Flavors

Image via 5001 Flavors

Innovators of style and moguls of taste, 5001 Flavors is a family business specializing in custom clothing and accessories. Countless style icons, from Alicia Keys to DJ Khaled, have been fitted and styled by the Harlem-based label. With edgy, futuristic designs and sleek, sophisticated styles, 5001 Flavors is the behind-the-scenes fashion operation of the moment.


Image via A-COLD-WALL

Founded by London-based designer Samuel Ross in 2015, A-COLD-WALL is a dynamic, fashion-forward destination specializing in men’s ready-to-wear styles. From footwear to avant garde garments to chic accessories, the label redefines and reimagines contemporary luxury.

3. Botter

Image via Botter

Caribbean couture gets a haute look with Botter, founded by Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter. Their genderless pieces evoke fluidness, harmony, the sea, the natural beauty of the Caribbean and the innate style and evocative tastes of the modern wearer. Dynamic and innovative, Botter is absolutely a label to be on the watch for.

4. Casely-Hayford

Image via Casely-Hayford

Founded by one of the UK’s most prominent and respected designers, Casely-Hayford is the pinnacle of graceful menswear. With sleek and sharp tailoring, modern cuts and innovative fabrics and textures, Casely-Hayford more than deserves its reputation for being the destination of the contemporary urban gentleman.

5. Wales Bonner

Image via Wales Bonner

Founded in 2014 by 29-year-old Grace Wales Bonner, the label is a sleek and soulful take on men’s tailoring, playing with fabrics and silhouettes to create a glorious cross-section of casual streetwear and elevated luxury. From trousers to overcoats, Wales Bonner is creating the uniform for the adventurous, fashion-forward man unafraid to take on bold looks.

6. Martine-Rose

Image via Martine-Rose

Based in London, Martine Rose was established in 2007 and holds its place as a label known for authenticity and uniqueness. A cult-favorite, the label is known for shaping the underground fashion scene with unique pieces and countless collaborations.

7. Allëdjo

Image via Allëdjo

Allëdjo, Yoruba for “visitor,” is a unisex clothing line made and produced in West Africa. Founded in 2017, the label is an exploration of apparel and culture, a cross-section of tradition and modernity. With elegant, simple designs, garments evoke West African fashion and heritage in contemporary styles, resulting in a vivid array of apparel embodying the wanderlust of the wearer.

8. Brett Johnson 

Image via Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson designs for an international man, a citizen of the 21st century and the global atmosphere. A dynamic label of fine curation, from Italian textiles and leathers to luxury fabrics, Brett Johnson offers luxury tailoring and ingenious, trusted Italian techniques for an elevated contemporary aesthetic.

9. Maurice Sedwell

Image via Maurice Sedwell

From business to casual, Saville Row’s Maurice Sedwell is outfitting the modern man. Timeless formal wear meets contemporary, dressed-down looks with the British tailoring brand, a hallmark of style and confidence.

10. Pyer Moss

We Forgive You Tee
Image via Pyer Moss
An already familiar name amongst fashion fanatics, Pyer Moss is the label that keeps giving. With their own sleek, stylish menswear pieces for the everyday and a recent collaboration with Reebok, Pyer Moss is the holy grail brand for eclectic streetwear and vibrant, iconic styles.

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