10 Clothing Items Perfect For Halloween And The Rest Of The Year

10 Clothing Items Perfect For Halloween And The Rest Of The Year

10 Clothing Items Perfect For Halloween And The Rest Of The Year

Guys, what are we doing for Halloween this year??

Guys, what are we doing for Halloween this year??

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Usually around this time of the year we’re all busy putting the finishing touches on our perfect Halloween costume, or remembering, “Crap, I forgot to put together a Halloween costume!” Showing up to the party in our ferocious fit is a great moment, and the pictures look so good on Instagram the next day, but after the thrill wears off we realize we just spent so much money on an outfit we’ll never wear again. And let’s be honest, do we even have anywhere to go this year? In honor of limiting the financial damage of the holidays, and in celebration of a more chill year, here are 10 pieces we think will look banging the night of, and still be chic the day after.

Wildfox Sommers Sweatshirt ($128)

This Wildfox sweatshirt says pretty much all you need it to. It’s spooky. It’s good for lounging around on Hallows Eve or running over to a quick, socially distanced party. And, it’s comfy enough to keep around in years to come.

Antrhopologie Lisabette Sequined Mini Dress ($124.60)

Okay, let’s say you want to step it up a bit. This sequined mini dress is certainly eye catching, and could definitely be accessorized into a disco costume. Just add a pair of go-go boots and a hustle.

C By Bloomingdale’s Leopard Print Sweater ($138.60)

This Leopard Print Cashmere sweater is another easy costume item. Just add a pair of ears and you have the simplest, most chic look of the night. It’s also exceedingly easy to work into your regular wardrobe, as shown by this very pretty model.

The Kooples Wool Blend Graphic Sweater ($298)

This Kooples sweater is even more understated than the last one, for maximum versatility. It’s also technically a men’s sweater, so you could wear it out on Halloween and then sneakily repurpose it into a Christmas gift for your man, if you’re into that sort of thing. Very budget friendly!

Gucci Petit Velvet Dress With Bows ($2700)

This is a by far pricier item, but hey, treat yourself! This cute, red velvet dress is very holiday appropriate and can be reworn to any cocktail event. On Halloween, say you’re a red velvet cupcake. At Christmas, add a Santa hat and be jolly.

The Naked Tiger Donna Dress ($19)

This item is another disco diva option, or just something cute and funky to wear on your night out. If you’re a frequent clubber (in non-pandemic times), chances are you were looking for a dress like this anyway. Go ahead and get it while it’s on sale!

Omighty Reflective Skeleton Set (top $49, skirt $59)

Omighty is basically like Urban Outfitters, but saucy. This skeleton set wasn’t even made for Halloween, it’s just in their regular rotation. Wear it together, wear it as separates. Either way, it’s a nice little getup to roam the streets in trick-or-treating, adult style.

I.Am.Gia Chiara Suit (jacket $130, pant $90)

Another set, this suit ensemble is very on theme. It’s an ombre orange power look with smart tailoring. I don’t know what other occasions might call for this outfit, but I am positive that the fashionable public can find a few. Wear this to flex on your Halloween crew.

Staud Laila Poplin Dress ($235)

Everyone needs a little black dress, or so the saying goes. It is just a happy coincidence that this item is also the foundation of any good witch costume. Try this balloon-sleeved dress with some funky makeup and a cheap pointed hat for a cute and easy night out.

Marine Serre Printed Stretch Jersey Top ($232)

This top has been everywhere this year. BeyoncĂ©, Adele, and Kylie Jenner have all worn it. Put on some fierce makeup and hair extensions and you could be any of them. Opt to buy the pants as well if you really want the full look, though any leggings will probably suffice. When the holiday ends, you will still be the owner of one of the year’s hottest items.

Credits: Photos courtesy of brands. Cover image courtesy of Columbia.


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