10 LGBTQ+ Fashion Brands To Buy From This Holiday Season

10 LGBTQ+ Fashion Brands To Buy From This Holiday Season

10 LGBTQ+ Fashion Brands To Buy From This Holiday Season

Support these LGBTQ+-owned businesses this holiday season.

Support these LGBTQ+-owned businesses this holiday season.

Text: Zizi Strater

The LGBTQ+ community has long been the source of inspiration for many major fashion houses. Be it androgyny, Ballroom, Drag, or the leather community, LGBTQ+ people have always been pioneers of self-expression and the breaking of fashion norms.

Unfortunately, until fairly recently, LGBTQ+ designers weren't allowed to do more than just hint at their sexuality or gender identity. It wasn’t a secret, but it wasn’t necessarily public, either. Nowadays, LGBTQ+ designers can be louder about their identities and create clothes and products that are very clearly Queer and very clearly for Queer people.

This holiday season, whether you’re shopping for friends, family, significant others, or even strangers, consider buying from these LGBTQ+-founded fashion and beauty brands that are doing the work to make the world more accepting.


This fashion brand was founded by first-generation Nigerian-American and a New York-based creator, Kingsley Gbadegesin. Through his fashion brand, he is working to advance liberation for the Black community, the Queer community, and People of Color by reclaiming and redefining the Black, Queer, Femme body and creating the tangible, direct support communities need today. Although everything K.NGSLEY makes is great, here are two pieces bound to be perfect gifts.

Photo via k.nglsey.com.

Indigo "Raver" Denim, $475.

Photo via k.nglsey.com.

Black "RaceHim" Wool Trouser, $495.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin

This Paris-based designer makes clothes for everyone, guys and girls, usually with no gender in mind. The sensual and sexual designs are always overtly Queer and play with what is considered masculine and feminine. If you know someone that's into androgynous style and sexy statement pieces, these are bound to make great gifts.

Photo via ludovicdesaintsernin.com.

Pink Dress, $508.

Photo via ludovicdesaintsernin.com.

White Leather Jockstrap, $260.


This Brooklyn-based clothing brand is pioneering what designer Louis Dorantes calls “slutgear.” Leak makes clothes for everybody to wear when they want to feel sexy on the rave dance floor. Consisting of mesh, knitwear, and chunky jewelry, this brand has everything you need to give a great gift to your rave bae.

Photo via leakyoursextape.com.


Photo via leakyoursextape.com.


Kim Chi Chic Beauty

RuPauls Drag Race contestant and make-up superstar KimChi Chic has a makeup line fit for those who like soft glam or full Drag. The brand has done so well that it's now sold at CVS as well as their online store. If you have a makeup lover in your life, this collaboration with Naomi Smalls is a perfect gift for them.

Photo via kimchichicbeauty.com.

KIMCHI X NAOMI SMALLS: 2 Queens in 1 Desert Mad Maxine, Soot Yourself Palette - Vegan, $30.

La Quan Smith

This Queens-born designer has been making huge waves in the industry. Celebrities like Julia Fox, Beyonce, and Khloé Kardashian have all been pictured in his looks, and his shows are always met with praise. If you know a high-fashion doll in need of an amazing gift this holiday season, you can't go wrong with something from Smith.

Photo via laquansmith.com.

Plunging V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress, $495.

Photo via laquansmith.com.

Caitlyn Motor Military Pant, $595.

Nicole ZÏzi Studio

Nicole ZÏzi is a queer fashion designer with a focus on sustainability and gender-free fashion. The brand uses recycled material to make fashionable garments fit for everyone regardless of gender expression. If you know someone with a penchant for queer sustainability, look no further than Nicole ZÏzi Studio for their holiday gift.

Cropped Recycled Rinse Denim Trucker Jacket, $295.

Boy Smells

Despite the name, Boy Smells makes genderless scents with a focus on queering your nostrils. They make genderful fragrances without the typical restrictions of what is a masculine scent or a feminine scent. If you know an aspiring parfumier, their scents and candles are sure to make the perfect gift.

Photo via boysmells.com.

Cowboy Kush Candle, $36.

Photo via boysmells.com.

Rose Load Fragrance, $98.


Phelmuns is a Los Angeles-based fashion brand with a dedication to “slow-fashion.” Founded by James Flemons, the Black-owned label meticulously crafts each item with accessibility in mind. Bridging the gap between high fashion and everyday communities. Their genderless cargo skirt is the perfect gift for anyone who wears skirts.

Photo via phlemuns.com.


Brandon Blackwood

Most known for their “Stop Systemic Racism” bag, Brandon Blackwood creates handbags that stand out and cause a conversation. Although all don’t have a message of human rights embellished on them, the brand has a focus on creating handbags and clothes for everyone, regardless of gender. Now, you can’t go wrong with anything from the brand, but these two bags are sure to be perfect gifts.

Photo via brandonblackwood.com.

Kuei Bag, $275.

Photo via brandonblackwood.com.

Cortini Bag, $300.


The designer that caused a commotion at the most recent New York Fashion Week with his over-the-top display of American aesthetics is a Queer designer who makes high fashion fun. Mixing fabric, patterns, and cuts, his designs are subversive and exciting, making the perfect gift for anyone with a “weird girl style.”

Photo via barragannnn.com.

TOP UP BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT (color: red on yellow plaid), $220.

Photo via barragannnn.com.


Credits: Cover photo: Photography: Domen & Van De Velde, Styling: Davey Sutton, Styling: Nicola Formichetti. As seen in Pride 2022: Fin Argus.


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