10 Perfect Gifts For Your Fitness Loving Friends

10 Perfect Gifts For Your Fitness Loving Friends


10 Perfect Gifts For Your Fitness Loving Friends

Sweat 2020 off.

Sweat 2020 off.

Text: Dania Curvy

Staying fit without a gym is hard — even for your athletic friends. This year, give them something to make it more desirable to get back into the groove or take it to the next level. From your yogis to your distant runners, we got a little something for everyone to sweat 2020 off. Shop the fitness lovers gift guide below. 

Alo Yoga Essential Set 

Image courtesy of Alo Yoga

For your yogi pals, this is the optimal gift… and it’s on sale! Fully equipped with a 100% non-toxic yoga mat, foam roller, 2 Uplifting Blocks, an ultra-absorbent Grounded No-Slip Towel, and a go-to 2-in-1 Yoga Strap for stretching and mat-toting. Oh, and it comes in various colors too. Namaste. ($175 at aloyoga.com)

The Mirror

Image courtesy of The Mirror

For those who miss group works, look no further. While super sleek in style, you hang this bad boy in your living room or office wall and enter a world of endless fitness classes of all kinds with a live virtual trainer, other classmates, or one-on-one training. Think Zoom, but for the gym. Sure it costs a pretty penny, but think about how much they’ve paid for that fancy gym membership. (Starting a $1495 at mirror.co)

Under Armour Sports Mask

Image courtesy of Under Armour

Sure we want to take care of our bodies, but our safety comes first. Slip on this Under Armour mask with a water resistant outer shell and an anti-microbial treatment inside to keep it fresh during intense workouts. You’re probably thinking, how can I breathe? It’s designed to actually sit off of the face and lips for some necessary breathing room. ($30 at underarmour.com)

Saint Laurent Skateboard Grip

Skater friends? Say no more. Zip around in style with this exclusive board from Saint Laurent and after, make it a cool home decor piece.

($90 at saintlaurent.com)

Higher Dose At-Home Infrared Sauna Blanket

Image courtesy of Higher Dose

Remember those selfies of your pals in a sauna with club lighting? Well, you can still take those steamy selfies…but with more coverage. This blanket burns almost 600 calories in one session, but also detoxifies heavy metals, radiation, and environmental toxins, and even claims to help you stay young with anti-aging properties. And for your crystal loving friends, it even has healing effects with Amethyst Tourmaline. Slide into deep meditation and higher vibes, in this holy grail of saunas. ($500 at higherdose.com)

Louis Vuitton Alpes Skis

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Dashing through the snow… but make it fashion. For your ski buddies, consider these one-of-a-kind Damier Graphite Alpes pattern skis, with a signature LV design and matching adjustable poles. ($5,560 at us.louisvuitton.com)

Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

You read right. This lightweight, stainless steel water bottle not only cleans itself but also purifies your water. It also uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of E.coli from your water and bottle. Perfect for hikes, runs, or just for everyday use. ($78 at livelarq.com)

Bala Bangles 

Image courtesy of Bala Bangles

Ever heard of stylish weights? Me neither… until now. To add that little extra spice of resistance, slip these on your wrists or ankles. With an elastic band, velcro and soft silicone, these one-size-fits-all weights are made to move with you. ($49 at shopbala.com)

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones

Image courtest of Jabra

There’s nothing more irritating than adjusting your earbuds during a workout. Apparently, these do the trick. With crazy high ratings from the likes of Amazon, their customizable fitting options, make for a secure fit whether hopping into high-intensity workouts or taking it easy with a leisurely jog. ($219.99 at jabra.com)

Fitbit Inspire 2

Let’s admit it, these days it’s too easy to skip a workout, stay up a little too late to watch one more episode of your favorite Netflix show, and binge a little too often on holiday snacks. 

Inspire 2, keeps track of heart rate, the quality of sleep, and also lets you know when you reach your highest potential during workouts, not to mention food logging and menstrual health tracking. ($69.95 at fitbit.com)


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