10 Perfect Homeware Gifts for This Holiday Season

10 Perfect Homeware Gifts for This Holiday Season

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10 Perfect Homeware Gifts for This Holiday Season

From just the right blanket to a set of plants for your indoor jungle, these gifts for the house make staying at home just a little bit easier.

From just the right blanket to a set of plants for your indoor jungle, these gifts for the house make staying at home just a little bit easier.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

If you’ve ever struggled to find someone just the right gift, you may have heard a certain piece of advice: the best gift is one the receiver will use a lot. And if the gift is meant to enhance their home, always be in the space they’re living in, what could they use more?

Jewels and clothes and luxury leathers are fantastic for the holidays, but sometimes, the perfect gift might just be something even more everyday, something the person you’re getting a present for might even get for themselves to make their living space just that much more lovable.

Below, we’re sharing our favorite homeware gifts of the holiday season—from mugs to coffee table books, they’re sure to make a house feel like a home.

1. Heattech Full-Size Blanket by Uniqlo

Heattech Full-Size Blanket (Online Exclusive), Gray, Large

Image via Uniqlo

Uniqlo does essentials best, and in chilly months, blankets are definitely an essential. This online exclusive uses heattech to envelope you in plushy, smooth comfort and warmness. Plus, the thin-yet-voluminous micro-acrylic fabric gives it the softest feel while also allowing for insulation, heat retention and moisture-absorbing, bio-warming features. A good blanket is key to any comforting household, and this is a great blanket.

Shop the Heattech Full-Size Blanket in gray, beige or dark brown at uniqlo.com for $69.90 USD.

2. Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong

Image via Barnes and Noble

Whether the person you’re gifting is a big reader or just likes to give off the impression that they have expansive literary prowess, a poetry collection by Ocean Vuong is something you cannot go wrong with. Winner of the Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry, Vuong’s poetry collection is one of the most celebrated on the market. His prose and poetry explores passion, identity, history, love and more—a deep, profound gift that will leave an impact on the reader and hold a cherished position on their bookshelf.

Shop Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong at barnesandnoble.com for $16 USD.

3. Mark Twain Collected Stories from The Folio Society

Image via The Folio Society

Or, if you’re looking to go in a different direction with the books you’re gifting, The Folio Society is a must. Their gorgeously bound books are the perfect ornament for any coffee table, and the trio of Mark Twain collected stories will be beloved by any prolific reader. The three-volume set comes with its own slipcase, compiling nearly 50 of his the author’s greatest tales with illustrations by Roger Fereday in a rich rust-and-gold bound set.

Shop the Mark Twain Collected Stories on foliosociety.com for $160 USD.

4. Logomania Cushion by Versace

Image via Versace

How better to give a gift for someone’s home than to furnish the home itself? The black printed cushion by Versace features an all-over, textured logo pattern and sequin logo encased by a gold fringe border along the edges—maximum comfort, maximum style. It makes for the perfect decorative throw pillow, but with a viscose, cotton and polyester blend on the outside, it adds plushness and comfort, too.

Shop the Sequin Logo Cushion at versace.com for $550 USD.

5. Stacking Mugs by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Image via The Met

Whether you’re searching for a homeware gift for your favorite art enthusiast or your most coffee-addicted friend, the set of stacking mugs with art sketches from The Met is sure to become a kitchen staple for either of them. The artful porcelain set consists of four mugs adorned with imagery from the Met Sketches line by American illustrator Rebecca Clarke, depicting marble statues from the Three Graces, a 2nd century A.D. sculpture in the Met’s Greek and Roman galleries.

Shop the Met Sketches: Stacking Mugs at store.metmuseum.org for $22.50 USD.

6. île Blanche Perfumed Candle by Louis Vuitton

Image via Louis Vuitton

No home is complete without a candle, and no candle is as gift-worthy as the île Blanche Perfumed Candle. With notes of iced tea and citrus on an indigo archipelago, the candle is a refuge within the home, an oasis of refreshment and relaxation in a case of natural-leather with a hand-painted braided cotton wick. If you can’t give the gift of an ultimate dreamscape itself, this is surely the next best thing.

Shop the île Blance Perfumed Candle at us.louisvuitton.com for $595 USD.

7. Plant Parent Set by The Sill

Image via The Sill

For your favorite botanist, a plant set is the perfect gift to warm their hearts and bring some extra love into their homes this Christmas. With an assortment of The Sill’s favorite plant picks, you can choose 3, 5 or 7 low-maintenance houseplants to gift, coming in a variety of sizes and instructions for a first-time plant parent or a seasoned expert.

Shop the Plant Parent Set at thesill.com for $48-$76 USD.

8. Herbarium Bee Incense Burner by Gucci

Image via Gucci

An incense gift will have a house smelling good, and the Gucci incense burner will have it looking even better. The small, round Richard Ginori porcelain dish is made in Italy and designed with Gucci’s whimsical Herbarium motif, featuring a center bee from the ’70s archives. The white porcelain bee has an opening to hold an incense stick, and at 4 inches in diameter, the holder is dainty and inconspicuous, adding a dose of refinement into your giftee’s space.

Shop the Herbarium Bee Incense Burner at gucci.com for $195 USD.

9. Citrus Essential Oils Kit by Vitruvi

Image via Anthropologie

Of course, another classic way to give the gift of a sweet-smelling home is with essential oils. This gift set at Anthropologie features three essential oils (grapefruit, bergamot and lemon) plus one essential oil blend to create a divine atmosphere in your home and be multi-purposed as beauty treatments.

Shop the Vitruvi Citrus Essential Oils Kit at anthropologie.com for $70 USD.

10. Mosaique au 24 Bread & Butter Plate by Hermès

Image via Bergdorf Goodman

The truth is, you can never get enough kitchenware, and the Hermès porcelain bread and butter plate will only confirm your need for more. Made in France, the plate is adorned with a mosaic-esque design and embellished with the Hermès H logo in the center, detailed with gold along the outer edge for an extra touch of luxury. With the bread and butter plate, you can not only have your cake, but eat it too—literally.

Shop the Hermès Mosaique au 24 Bread & Butter Plate at bergdorfgoodman.com for $135 USD.

Credits: Photo via The Sill


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