10 Podcasts to Tune in To Right Now

From fashion and beauty to comedy and art, we’ve rounded up some podcasts to get you through self-isolation.

Days or weeks into self-isolation and maybe you’ve re-read all of your favorite books by now, rearranged your room a 100 times, or binge-watched too much Netflix, so now what do you do? To help get you through these tough times and keep your brain sharp, we’ve rounded up 10 great podcasts to listen to right now.

Turn off the TV, stop checking online news and take some time-out for yourself. Relax, grab a coffee and enjoy.

Breaking Beauty

“Behind every best-selling beauty product, there’s a damn good story,” said Beauty Editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins as they chat about the best breakthrough beauty products. They talk to industry experts and insiders, share tips and review new products.

Dior Talks

Dior Talks was created by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri “to celebrate creative women”. It’s hosted by Katy Hessel who interviews female artists and writers that have strong links to Dior. In the first episode Chiuri talks to Katy about her career, and inspirations, as she walks through the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris and the Dior offices.

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This is a case study of Old Hollywood. Host Karina Longworth takes an in-depth look at Hollywood’s first century. She examines the secret, hidden and often forgotten world of Hollywood’s original players. Longworth discusses scandal, the cover-ups, betrayal, and the big screen beauties that shaped the movie industry.

Ted Talks Art

Artists, designers and curators share their work, process, and vision. You can watch/listen to TED Talks Art from sculptors, painters, illustrators and photographers, and those who blur the boundaries.

The Museum at FIT Fashion Culture Podcast

“The most fashionable museum in New York” gives you unprecedented access to its exhibitions. Hosted by curator and museum director, Dr. Valerie Steele. The FIT podcast takes a deeper look into the planning and preparation behind exhibits. Steele also takes a deep-dive into archive pieces, bringing garments to life with her knowledge and stories.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

What could be worse than your own dad writing a porno? Well, reading it out loud (Yikes!). Friends, Jamie, James, and Alice get together to read and discuss the embarrassing, uber-cringy, yet hilariously funny, sex stories written by Jamie’s dad. The podcast has a huge cult-like following, and an army of celebrity fans. Daisy Ridley, Nicholas Holt, and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Grammy, Tony, Emmy-award winner, and creator of smash-hit Hamilton) all love the show.

Creative Lives

This British podcast interviews young creatives from all disciplines. Each week a new guest shares creative tips, practical advice and stories. They shed light on their chosen industries and tell you about their journey. Motivational and inspiring, the guest gives listeners a real insight into what to expect and how to succeed.

Dolly Parton’s America

Beloved by Republicans and Democrats, young and old, gay and straight, Dolly Parton is a cherished national icon. Host Jad Abumrad spends nine episodes trying to better understand Dolly’s appeal. The podcast features candid interviews with the Queen of Country herself, Dolly speaks on love, life, and her incredible career.


It’s so important right now to take some time-out and check-in with yourself. The Untangle podcast focuses on stories from experts and, real people on the power of mindfulness. The podcast explores and examines how mindfulness practices can change your life. They also offer guided meditations to help you slow down, reduce stress and feel calm.

Race Chaser

Drag Race legends Alaska Thunderf**k and Willam co-host this bi-weekly podcast about Rupaul’s Drag Race. Each week they “discuss, dissect and disseminate every single episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Starting from the very beginning.” They spill major T and reveal behind the scenes secrets. The dolls are always joined by a special quest-queen who dishes the dirt on their respective season.

All podcasts are available to stream and download right now. Head to your podcast app to listen.


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