10 Puffer Jackets to Keep You Warm This Holiday Season

Stay warm in style!

A fashion staple of the 1990s, the puffer jacket has established itself as a winter wardrobe staple with both fashionable and practical benefits. Favored by wildlife explorers and mountaineers before becoming popularized by hip hop superstars, this garment is worthy of taking center stage in your closet this season. Jump on the bandwagon with these 10 snuggly styles, carefully curated and brought to you by yours truly.
The puffier, the better!
Balenciaga: Pink Oversized Puffer Coat ($3,500)

Available at SSENSE.COM
Valentino: Black VLTN Star Down Jacket ($2,250)

Available at SSENSE.COM
Tommy Hilfiger: Flag Puffer Popover ($299)

Available at TOMMY.COM
Burberry: Reversible Beige Down IP Check Jacket ($1,390)

Available at SSENSE.COM
Prada: Padded Leather Jacket ($5,500)

Available at FARFETCH.COM
Louis Vuitton: Monogram Boyhood Puffer Jacket ($9,200)

Saint Laurent: Aviator Down Jacket In Nylon ($2,590)

Available at YSL.COM
Ralph Lauren: RLX Corduroy Down Jacket ($1,895)

Emporio Armani: Quilted Down Jacket In Shiny Nylon ($825)

Available at ARMANI.COM
Moncler: WILLM Jacket ($1,310)

Available at MONCLER.COM

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