10 Reasons Why 'Ghostbusters' Succeeds

10 Reasons Why 'Ghostbusters' Succeeds

10 Reasons Why 'Ghostbusters' Succeeds

How the 2016 reboot proved itself worthy of the mantle—and silenced its haters

How the 2016 reboot proved itself worthy of the mantle—and silenced its haters

Text: William Defebaugh

This weekend, the 2016 reboot of the 1984 cult classic Ghostbusters opened in theaters. Starring comediennes Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, the Paul Fieg-directed film made headlines thanks to its decision to cast the film with all female leads—the negative response to which shed light on sexism that still pervades Hollywood and movie-goers nationwide. While it's yet to be determined how much of an effect this will have on its profitability—it came in at $46MM on its opening weekend, but cost a whopping $144MM to produce—one thing we can say for certain is that Ghostbusters triumphs with witty humor, nonstop gags, and an empowering narrative.

Here's how it succeeded, and why you need to make it the top of your must-see list.

1. The film is a feminist's dream, centering around the heroism and friendship of four strong women who are not only courageous, but intelligent as well: three out of the four of them are scientists, who use knowledge (as well as high tech gadgetry) to defeat their foes. And what's more? In lieu of sexy costumes to which female characters in superhero and action franchises are often subjected, they wear sanitation uniforms.

2. There is no romantic storyline—another rarity among Hollywood blockbusters. Instead of a strapping male lead, we have Chris Hemsworth, who plays an idiotic-yet-undeniably-handsome receptionist.

3. That's right, Chris Hemsworth plays an idiotic-yet-undeniably-handsome receptionist. The lady 'busters hire him only for his lovable charm and good looks, smartly subverting the stereotype of the (typically female) blonde bimbo receptionist.

4. It pays homage to the original, without crutching on it. Even the logo plays a part! (It was executive produced by the original's Dan Aykroyd, so we shouldn't be surprised.)

5. On that note, the cameos are epic. We won't spoil them for you, but more than one of the original cast members make appearances.

6. It silences its sexist haters with one subtly brilliant line. When the characters upload a video of themselves ghost hunting to YouTube, they read one of the comments aloud: "ain't no bitches gonna catch no ghosts." It's a brilliant jab at the comments about the film's casting.

7. Kate McKinnon slays as the delightfully quirky Jillian Holzmann, providing the majority of the film's seemingly endless one-liners. McKinnon has arguably been carrying SNL for seasons, so getting to see her shine on the big screen was an added bonus.

8. There is an ongoing subplot between Melissa McCarthy and a Chinese delivery boy (and, maybe, soup).

9. New York City takes center stage, with its rich landmark history—and lots of subway humor—detailed by Leslie Jones' Patty Tolan, a former MTA officer.

10. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable. With Wiig and McCarthy having worked together on Bridesmaids, and Jones and McKinnon on SNL, the friendship between the cast members rubs off on screen. Slime or no slime, we would happily answer the call with these girls.


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