10 Times Lindsay Lohan Gave Us Life

10 Times Lindsay Lohan Gave Us Life

10 Times Lindsay Lohan Gave Us Life

You can take the girl out of the party, but you can't take the party out of the girl!

You can take the girl out of the party, but you can't take the party out of the girl!

Text: Czar Van Gaal

For over a decade, the actress, singer and now aspiring business-mogul, Lindsay Lohan, has remained a prominent figure in American entertainment. Continuously delivering some of the most laughabland at times cringe-worthy moments, Lohan is truly a beacon in the landscape of pop culture. 

Squeezing lemons into lemonade, the recovered party-girl now embarks on her latest mission with a reality show on MTV titled "Lohan Beach Club".

In the rare case that you had not served witness to the 2018 international media frenzy that her iconic dancing video sparked, Lohan opened up her very own beach club in Mykonos—named after herself, of course. Giving the world everything its asked for, the new MTV show premiering tonight will provide an inside look into the world of Lohan and the star's reign over the Greek club scene.

To commemorate the world event, V take a stroll down memory lane in recapping Lindsay Lohan’s most iconic moments!

1. In 2007, Lohan attended a pool party sporting a surprising accessory—no, not the surfboard. Take a look at the starlet's ankle accessory.

2.  In 2007 Lohan’s provocative knife wielding photos sparked major concern, contributing to her bad-girl street cred in Hollywood.  

3. In 2006 after a night of partying Lohan jumped into Paris Hilton's two-seater, in clear disregard for passenger-capacity! In any case, the picture is in itself, ICONIC. 

4. In 2012 The “Mean Girls” star, took to twitter to throw shade at fellow actresses Amanda Bynes & Emma Stone—swapping her innocent Cady Heron demeanor for a victimizing Regina George attitude.

5.  2004 Lindsay Lohan hosted the MTV Movie awards where she stole the show with her voice and dance moves. 

6. In 2016 Lohan leaves the world confused as she debuts a new, unidentifiable accent in an interview.  

7.  In 2013 Lindsay Lohan discusses her life struggles in a candid interview with Oprah. In one part of the interview Oprah ask “What are you on now” and Lohan responds “vitamins” which of course became an iconic meme shortly after. 

8. Gretchen may have not been able to make fetch happen, but in the early 2000’s Lohan was partly responsible for turning scarves into an all-year-round trend. 

9. In 2012 Lady Gaga goes to dinner with Lindsay Lohan, and Lohan orders a cucumber and knife. Lady Gaga shares she thought Lohan was going to perform a vasectomy which went viral. 

10.  Last year, Lohan broke the internet with her dance moves while partying at her Beach Club in Mykonos. Unaware that she was being filmed Lohan busted out her best moves which is now known as the #Lilo. 



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