Antonino Aiello’s 100% Capri Defies Convention

Exciting linen, for the luxury market.

The luxury-brand market is very centripetal for a few reasons. First, because it is monopolized at the top by a few consortiums notably LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine, Fendi) and Richemont (Chloe, Cartier, Piaget). And secondly, because these brands largely follow the same media buying routes (Conde Nast, Hearst) use the same third-party retailers (Net A Porter). 

To make it any other way for one of today’s premier luxury brands would seem almost impossible. Well, lo and behold, it has not been for luxury linen market disruptor 100% Capri . Founded by Italian designer Antonino Aiello, 100% Capri has completely eschewed the traditional route of a mainstream luxury brand but has made it to the top of the luxury industry, leaving more spoils for Aiello and the original management team.

100% Capri has been able to defy traditional convention and still make it because it was able to nail a specific niche that held a lot of value to today’s luxury consumer. Specifically, 100% Capri was able to claim pre-eminence in fashionable holiday markets- from St. Barts to St. Tropez- and infatuate luxury consumer shoppers to the point where demand grew for the line to be carried in mainstream continental markets.

Aiello wasted no time and his launch of 100% Capri Bal Harbour in Miami was wildly successful, placing the brand next to mainstream marks such as Gucci, Valentino, Chanel, Moncler, St. Laurent, etc. and quickly garnering the interest of a more continental cross-section of luxury shopper. Through the process, 100% Capri is not only emerging as a new maverick force in luxury, but it is starting to popularize linen as a mainstream genre for today’s luxury consumers. To learn more about 100% Capri and the evolution of linen check out 100% Capri.

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