1017 ALYX 9SM Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Blends Leisure and Luxury

This collection will take you from terrain to terrain.

A blend of luxury, comfort and getaway, 1017 ALYX 9SM Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, “Beyond,” was presented as one with the elements, as models walked down trails, desert pathways and crashing waves where the short met the sand. Creative director Matthew M. Williams portrays a collection meant to bring about relaxation all while still providing swanky feelings of wonder and journey.

Shown through a film with prophetic music in the background, the various settings of the “runways” show that these looks will prosper no matter what terrain you take them in.


Billowing dresses and coats made up of stretch fabrics and jersey allow you to experience the leisurely aspects of the collection, which construct matching bathing suits and dresses designed with comfort in mind. 

Pretty purples and bold yellows peek through the white and black color palette, allowing the adventurous looks to seamlessly compliment each other with little to no effort.

Expanding onf Fall/Winter 21 developments, the classic ALYX Mono shoe evolves with not only new colors, but new fabric material hybrids as well; including a blend of the EVA sole mixed with leather upper for the slides and mesh upper for the hiking sneakers. 

Draping beaded details also compose tops, dresses and skirts within the collection, which are all hand-beaded bearing significance to Alyx’s tradition of using technical innovation with traditional artisanal techniques. Alternating patterns of the beads on the handsewn organza fabric create an illusion of flowiness and allows the beads to billow and flutter on the fabric.

Two important fabrics within the collection are distressed jersey and shell leather, seen in jackets, vests, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more. These fabrics are so special to ALYX because of the construction and study put into the fabric in order to produce a shape the brand desires by its final product. 

Bringing together a blend of the elements, Williams’ latest ALYX collection proves time and time again that fashion is allowed to push all boundaries.

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