1017 ALYX 9SM Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Monochrome & Experimental Silhouettes put 1017 ALYX 9SM in Motion.

1019 ALYX 9SM, formerly Alyx, has dominated the international fashion scene combining luxury streetwear with high fashion and leatherwear. Built upon the idea of creating high-quality materials mixed with subversive culture and modern craftsmanship, Creative Director Matthew M. Williams amplifies the playful balance of shapes and silhouettes in his Spring/Summer 2023 Motion collection.

Guests gather around an abandoned pool on the periphery of Milan, some on the ground floor and some on a balcony, giving some viewers an aerial view of the fashion show. The location makes a great spot for NYC skaters & punks – a subculture Williams often takes inspiration from. A bass-heavy, but pleasantly melodic electronic beat plays as models come out one by one, circling this mysterious empty swimming pool.

Immediately, there’s a monochromatic pattern, similar to past collections. An edgy all-white ensemble followed by a buttery black leather outfit. Boxy, workwear sleeveless tops are paired with loose-fitting utilitarian pants. Williams loves to stick to neutral shades but he can’t resist bringing in pops of vibrant colors. In this collection, he brings back a past trend of neon colors ever so slightly through accessories. First, it’s a fluorescent yellow clutch, then a pair of ballerina lace-up heels and a ruched mini dress in the same color. Industrial accessories like grommet belt-like straps hug the ankles of those wearing heels. Bold, sleek sunglasses with models’ bangs hanging just over the top of the sunglasses – a hidden but appreciated detail. 

Hints of bubblegum pink and light-wash denim are then introduced which is when silhouettes become a bit more whimsical. Tops become less boxy and more abstract. It’s almost as if the models aren’t even wearing the clothes but hoodies are tied by the sleeves around the neck and one shoulder. These tops are coupled with a popular trend at the moment: low-rise cargo pants. 

As the collection goes on, Williams plays more with layering and he starts to stray away from the monochromatic theme. Colors and materials are mixed just like the striking contrasts in masculine and feminine silhouettes. Known for being aggressively elegant, 1017 ALYX 9SM’s newest collection features an edgy and contemporary spin on his signature utilitarian forms.

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