13 Chic Sunglasses You Need for Making a Statement this Fall

Refine your signature look for fall with a pair of stunning sunnies.

One of the best parts about fall style is the free reign to accessorize. Chillier skies and that sharp autumn breeze are fast approaching, which means an ample amount of layering is about to take place. Layered sweaters, coats, and most importantly, accessories. The surest way turn heads with any outfit is with your jewelry, purse, and this fall, sunglasses. Depending on your personal style preferences and your mood for the day, your sunglasses can make quite the statement without you even saying a word. As the first thing people will notice when they look at your visage, it’s important to place care into picking the right pair. 


Ray-Ban Wayfarers have become synonymous with Tom Cruise’s young boy charm in Risky Business, while John Lennon’s circle sunnies are now literally called, “John Lennon sunglasses.” Let’s be honest, is Anna Wintour even Anna Wintour if not donning a pair of those big black frames? The list goes on. Sunglasses are an integral part of your outfit in any season, and this fall it’s important you choose the pair that perfectly fits your autumnal vibe. Whether it’s a warm honey cat eye frame or an exaggerated dark brown stunner, see the world through rose—or brown or green—colored lenses this fall.     


1. Gucci, Black Oversized Square Sunglasses, $555

The bigger the better with these oversized frames. Go incognito with this pair, perfect for hiding that early morning fatigue. 

Image courtesy of Ssense.

2. Loewe, Black & Khaki Paula’s Ibiza Square Sunglasses, $360

With a khaki front frame and black sides, these are not your average square sunnies. With a colorway very suited for fall, try this chic pair. 

Image courtesy of Ssense.

3. Lello, The Max in Burgundy, $120

The deep, warm red palette and classic frame will become a quick staple in your wardrobe this fall. Uplevel any outfit with this tasteful pop of color.  

Image courtesy of Lello.

4. Dries Van Noten, Multicolor & Gold Linda Farrow Edition Round Sunglasses, $410

Almost too beautiful to wear, these multicolored acetate frames are a true work of art. Wear these to add a sense of wonderland mystery to your wardrobe this fall.

Image courtesy of Ssense.

5. Bonnie Clyde, Black & Blue Shy Guy Sunglasses, $180

Turn heads with these cool blue sunnies. The scratch-resistant lenses and large frame make for a practical yet très chic statement.  

Image courtesy of Ssense.

6. Projekt Produkt, Gold Titanium Aviator Sunglasses, $295

You can truly never go wrong with a solid pair of aviators. This titanium-frame option with a classic green lens is the perfect accompaniment to many a fall wardrobe staple—black sweaters, camel colored coats, and so on.  

Image courtesy of Ssense.

7. Isabel Marant, Tortoiseshell Darly Sunglasses, $240

She’s strong, she’s fierce, she’s undeniably fashionable. This fall, tell a story with these exaggerated aviator-style frames.

Image courtesy of Ssense.

8. Chimi, 09 Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses, $110

A tasteful option all year round, try the classic cat-eye frame in a warm, honey brown shade beaming with all the fall feels.

Image courtesy of Farfetch.

9. Flatlist Eyewear, Tortoiseshell Lefty Sunglasses, $260

A hexagonal take on the aviator, this orange-lensed pair is fit for your chilly walk to work or brisk outdoor brunch with friends. 

Image courtesy of Ssense.

10. Linda Farrow, Debbie Oval-Frame Sunglasses, $403

In an unexpected color for fall, make an elegant statement with white. This thick-framed pair is timeless and apt for any autumn affair.

Image courtesy of Farfetch.

11. Ray-Ban, Octagonal-Frame Sunglasses, $153 

Subtle and refined, this octagon-shaped pair is a sure staple item. Sport these dark green lenses and slim gold frame for your next PSL (pumpkin spice latte) run. 

Image courtesy of Farfetch.

12. Karen Wazen, Glamorous Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $145

Glamorous indeed with a sleek black frame and silver detailing, you’ll have everyone saying, “Oh, who is she?!” this fall. 

Image courtesy of Farfetch.

13. Prada, Tortoiseshell-Effect Aviator-Frame Sunglasses, $230

Very 1970s, the eye-catching soft pink and deep brown frames will instantly elevate any fall look. 

Image courtesy of Farfetch.
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