2 Moncler 1952: Moncler’s Newest Genius Collection

First shown at Milan Fashion Week, the newest Moncler Genius collection is now available for purchase.

Moncler Genius’s latest collection, 2 Moncler 1952 Spring 2019, just hit stores today. The collection’s name pays homage to the year Moncler was founded and revisits decades of history by reimagining trademark elements through a contemporary lens. Pops of color and contrast stand out among neutral tones throughout the ready-to-wear collection.

The Fall 2018 collection featured some of Moncler’s iconic down jackets dipped entirely in vibrant green, red, yellow, and blue while the other half of the collection remained neutral and darker in color.

The Spring 2019 men’s collection employs utilitarian details as seen through pockets and structures that serve functional purposes, and includes prints of stars and letters designed with the contribution of artist Hey Reilly. Reilly is known for his fusion of fashion and fine art, building on a graphic style to convey pop themes for the likes of Coca Cola, Lamborghini, and Gucci.

Although the addition of textures and shapes to everyday pieces like skirts, pants, and jumpers dominate the women’s collection, the through line of pops of color is visible on the pieces in the form of graphics and patterns.

While the Genius projects that have been unveiled so far employed designers Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya, and Hiroshi Fujiwara to reinterpret pieces in their respective creative styles, 2 Moncler 1952 is one of two projects that remain under the helm of the brand.

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