2021 Is the Year Of The Ox—Here’s What That Means For You

The Year of the Metal Ox forecasts good fortune & hard work for 2021.

February 12 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese zodiac, marking 2021 a year of luck, ambition and relationships.

Because this year is not only an Ox year but the year of the Metal Ox, a lucky color will be white, corresponding to metal, alongside yellow and green, corresponding to the ox and attracting success and wealth into your life this year.

The Year of the Metal Ox falls between 2020’s Year of the Metal Rat and 2022’s Year of the Water Tiger—in Chinese horoscope, the preceding Years of the Ox have been 2009, 1997, 1985 and 1973, all forecasted to foster luck and good spirits, too.

In the Chinese Zodiac tradition, 12 years are represented by 12 different animals, and each animal carries with it certain auspicious omens and connotations. In the Year of the Metal Ox, these omens correspond to the hardworking, practical demeanor of the Ox, a durable and steady animal. Don’t be surprised if this year brings with it hard work and ambition—wealth will follow those who strive to earn it and put in the effort to make gains, whether they be social, financial, professional or romantic. It is a year of reaping what you sow, a time when the powerful Yin energy sees a return of diligence under the burdens of responsibility.

Aside from being a year driven by work and success (the Ox’s yellow and green colors are attractors of prosperity), 2021 is also a favorable year for balancing, maintaining, and nurturing relationships. The Metal Ox promotes peacemaking, especially amongst family members, and romantic relationships and friendships are expected to see a keener focus, too.

All signs are pointing toward good things for you in the Year of the Metal Ox—now is the time to start laying down the foundations to reap the rewards of what is to come later on.

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