24 Hours with Bella Hadid at NYFW

Photographed in an exclusive diary, Tyrell Hampton captures what it’s really like to be a supermodel off the runway.

Photographer Tyrell Hampton has given V an inside look into Bella Hadid’s New York Fashion Week experience. From delicious desserts in between shows to the tedious process of washing out her hair, Hampton provides a more intimate look into Hadid’s day-to-day life in such a hectic time. 

New York Fashion Week is a time of exclusivity and high-class elegance, which can often seem impenetrable to an outside viewer. As Hampton follows Hadid through her New York Fashion Week itinerary, he similarly demystifies the process. Utterly endearing and personally captivating, Tyrell’s video embodies the sense of joy and play that can be found behind the scenes at fashion week. It’s not all gold and luxury; there’s also some lighthearted humanity. 

Discover more moments from Tyrell Hampton and Bella Hadid’s day together below:

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