If there’s certainly a brand who knows what they’re doing when it comes to menswear, it’s certainly ZEGNA. This Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, the heritage Italian men’s fashion house brought its classic take on Milanese style to new levels, with a show by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori that emphasized the notion of individuality, experimenting the collection with shapes and attitudes with a show set design that channeled a flax fieldcomplete with a surprise appearance from Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen on the runway. In attendance among fashion’s glitterati was comedian and TikTok creator Matt Friend, as he was there to witness it all and spent 24 hours with VMAN to give us a look at his exciting day.

Below, discover the full diary with Matt as he takes us through his getting ready routine, a peek into his pre-show interviews with show goers, and winding down with a nightcap with the Italian heritage brand.

Photography Leonardo Veloce | Courtesy of ZEGNA

“I love waking up in Milan during Fashion Week. Coffee is superb and the vibes are high.”

“This is my first time going to a fashion show. I don’t know what to expect, but the ZEGNA Runways I’ve seen are iconic.”

“Increasingly more excited to see what the show will look like.”

“As expected, I’m blown away. The venue is insane, and the collection is so beautiful.”

“So many incredible talents. Such an honor to chat with these fellow figures of Zegna. Everyone looks amazing.”

Photography Leonardo Veloce | Courtesy of ZEGNA

“Obsessed with Alessandro’s SS25. Heading back to change for dinner.”

Photography Leonardo Veloce | Courtesy of ZEGNA

“Alessandro Sartori, ZEGNA Artistic Director, designed this outfit for me. It feels very special.”

“So unexpected. Crazy what they did with the show space. One of the coolest dinners I’ve been to.”

“Cameras off. More for you next time!”

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