3.1 Phillip Lim Channels Summertime Vibes in “In Bloom” Spring 2022 Collection at NYFW

The designer has mastered all things neutrals, bright colors, and patterns in this collection.

Phillip Lim’s Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection is nothing if not elegant, bright, and timeless. Perhaps one of the most nuanced of the NYFW collections so far, Phillip Lim designed a wide variety of pieces that seem to fit any mood or occasion, from classic blazers, to shimmering sequined dresses, to two-toned sweaters. This collection has more second-generation fabrics than he has used before, such as wool and recycled polyester, according to Vogue.

This collection channels the lighter side of life, one that is “in bloom,” heavily featuring both neutrals and bright colors, but also playing with some patterns, resulting in some formal, business casual, and street style pieces. Never shying away from standing out, Lim wasn’t afraid to put together looks that combined two separate patterns with different colors, and honestly, we’re here for it.

What’s interesting about Lim’s Spring 2022 collection is that every piece is truly unique—it was hard to find recurring themes—but we did detect a few ruffled pieces that come in different styles and colors. These garments are almost sheer, in cream and pink tones, some looks even layered over sparkly silver sequined garments.

Next, there are also several blazer and blazer-derivative pieces. Some of the blazers are neutral-colored, paired with baggy trousers, whereas others serve as a mock suit, worn with matching mustard-yellow plaid suit shorts. One of the blazers isn’t fully a blazer, but it does count as a coat, a calf-length black sleeveless outerwear piece that is a perfect addition to your streetwear collection. There are several other neutral coats, coming in the forms of bomber jackets, sweaters, and elaborate collared knee-length coats.

Let’s talk colors. Lim stacked patterns on patterns in this collection, including the navy and red plaid sweater, which is paired with some kind of purple, pink, and green garment that peeks out underneath, over a pair of green, orange, and white trousers. But he also included some simpler pieces with colors that are just as bright, including the orange tunic worn over black shorts, the sleeveless orange shirt, shorts, and heels combination, and of course, the green turtleneck dress paired with sandals.

Lastly, there are a variety of fabrics used—some of the dresses have a softer, sweater-like fabric, whereas other shirts seem to have a sheer texture that is better for going out in.

Phillip Lim surely channeled his spring and summer energy in this collection, and suddenly we can’t wait for 2022.

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