5 Noteworthy Cosmetic Brands Selected by Beauty Guru Katia Jundi

Be in the know of the best in beauty.

C​osmetics have come a long way since the days of selling Avon door-to-door. There is a brand out there for everyone, from all-natural beauty lines to vibrant collections known for their pomp and flair. Katia Jundi knows how important cosmetics are to put together an entire look. Katia shares 5 of her favorite most cosmetic brands, essential to your overall well-being and to help you look your best. 


Fresh and modern Glossier has taken the cosmetics industry by storm with their skin first, makeup second approach. Glossier products accentuate natural beauty and are perfect for an everyday look. Glossier’s lines of glosses, mascaras, cheek tints, and skincare make it a go-to brand for easy, natural products to incorporate into your daily routine or special occasions.



A​ people’s favorite, Neutrogena, is another great range for people looking to enhance their natural beauty while downplaying any flaws or imperfections. What makes Neutrogena different is that the products are readily available. The products are focused more on long-term care rather than temporary beautification. From anti-aging products to other skincare products, Neutrogena is popular for a good reason.



C​olorful and daring NYX offers products aimed at helping people achieve a professional look at home. NYX empowers women with the ability to experiment with new and contemporary looks. For those wanting to achieve a glamorous look, NYX products offer variety, reliability, and quality.



The world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oréal is a trusted brand with products that have stood the test of time. L’Oréal is incredibly popular for its wide range of cosmetics, hair, and skincare products. With classic colors and smudge-proof formulas, you know you are getting a great product with L’Oréal. An accessible and customer-focused brand L’Oréal offers high products at competitive prices.


The Body Shop

W​hile more commonly known for bath and skincare products, The Body Shop offers a line of makeup created with safe and natural ingredients. They make natural products and prioritize safe and natural ingredients in their formulas. A cult-favorite for sure, The Body Shop offers a line so versatile their products can help you achieve any natural and exotic look.


Cosmetics play an integral role in the lives of millions. Thus it is imperative to make educated choices and choose products that suit your goals, desires, and preferences. Katia Jundi is exceptionally particular about the brands and products that she chooses to create nuanced looks. The first step towards looking your best is to know your options. 


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