5 Real Estate Movies That Teach Lessons of the Real World, per Yuliza Curiel

5 Real Estate Movies That Teach Lessons of the Real World, per Yuliza Curiel


5 Real Estate Movies That Teach Lessons of the Real World, per Yuliza Curiel

The world of real estate has inspired Hollywood for a long time. After all, it has all the makings of a great story. According to mindset mentor Yuliza Curiel, these five films need to be on the “must-watch” list of everyone hustling right now, as they stand to learn a lot about the real world.

Glengarry Glen Ross

This film welcomes you to the world of real estate with a cold embrace. It pushes you to reflect on the choices you have made or are about to make. It makes you think about the meaning of compromise and friendship, the cost at which you get success, and how ruthlessness is probably a way to succeed and also be hated.

This film unveils the harsh truth that lies under wraps in almost every large organization. It uses real estate as its platform, probably because here, the competition is unspeakably fierce and yet so exciting that it drives you right till the end. “The film can refine your choices and those you choose to associate with,” said Yuliza Curiel.


This film is every real estate agent’s nightmare. It shows a disgruntled and heavy-on-revenge homeowner who seeks retribution from a real estate agent when the value of his house depreciates. He goes to extreme lengths to exact revenge. 

“The film is no fun, but it has an important underlying message for everyone, including real estate agents,” points out Yuliza. Often, agents see their clients as mobile money machines and leave them to their fate, especially after they make a bad choice out of ignorance or desperation. It’s a cautionary tale that reminds agents to see their clients as fellow humans and view the world from under their skin. 

Larry Crowne

This film focuses on the life of a navy veteran who has fallen on hard times thanks to his divorce. It centers around his life as it takes a new shape when the economic brutalities of his time come to impact his home.

“Like Arizona, this film will also zone you in on what clients have to often go through to realize their dream of owning a house and avoiding the nightmare of losing one,” says Yuliza.

I Love You, Man

Here’s a feel-good comedy for you. Starring Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and Jason Segal in lead roles, it has excellent punches and takes the word ‘bromance’ to a whole new level. Rudd plays a real estate agent who is sensitive and fragile. But that doesn’t dampen the spirit of his ambition when he wants to have a crack at the LA luxury scene. He shows his ability to adapt to situations and uses his humor to connect with clients, all the while maintaining an empathic way of looking at life through his relationship with his fiancé and his best friend. 

This film is about perception. And our perception is the most important tool we have to understand the world in which we exist. “The film can help you understand how perception plays a vital role in the everyday choices we make – right from people we wish to be with to the person we aspire to become,” comments Yuliza Curiel.

Baby Boom

Another hilarious addition to the list is this 1985 comedy starring Diane Keaton, which shows how an idyllic home in the country can turn into a nightmare overnight.

Essentially, it’s a reminder of hiring good home inspectors when you set up your team to help others find their dream homes. “Baby Booms emphasizes on collaboration and how a good one can yield positive results for everyone involved,” concludes Yuliza.


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