5 Travel Destinations Known for their Iconic Nightlife Selected by Maria Jones

5 Travel Destinations Known for their Iconic Nightlife Selected by Maria Jones

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5 Travel Destinations Known for their Iconic Nightlife Selected by Maria Jones

Maria Jones is the founder of The Third Millennium Woman - A digital media, a global online community built for and made up of ambitious women. The Third Millennium Woman and Jones herself support and inspire womankind worldwide to turn their dreams into reality. With her love of travel and music, the entrepreneur has highlighted a few of her favorite nightlife spots that you can mark down for when the pandemic improves. 

Here Jones shares 5 travel destinations known for their iconic nightlife:

New Orleans, USA

Known primarily for holding one of the most colorful and joyous parties during the time of Mardi Gras (Through January into early February), New Orleans has a lot more to offer than just the exotic exploits of Carnival. When night falls in New Orleans, Bourbon street buzzes with the sounds of jazz and the jangle of colorful beads, and street vendors provide the best of Louisiana cuisine.

Berlin, Germany 

Known as Europe's clubbing capital, Berlin's nightlife has established its own subculture of youthful abandon with a "life is short" mentality. All night underground raves and the most influential DJs can be found all over the city that reward the night owl with adventures until dawn.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is celebrated as the party epicenter of Brazil. The vibrant city also celebrates Carnival with an exuberance that colors the entire city with excitement and frivolity. But Rio is also a city that offers much more than just the colorful nights of Carnival. The Lapa area of Rio is the most popular nightlife hub, and it sizzles with Samba clubs and excitement.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The nightlife of Tel Aviv has been ablaze for several years, earning a reputation as one of the most iconic clubbing spots in the world. Twenty-four-hour clubs and rooftop dancing are always on the agenda in the buzzing areas of Rothschild, Levontin, and Lillenblum.  

Tel Aviv also offers the experience of day to night bars on picturesque beaches like Banana Beach, where you can start your night out by enjoying cocktails by the sea as the night lights up with stars.

Las Vegas, USA 

Possibly the most iconic of all nightlife destinations, Las Vegas created a culture of endless neon nights that slip seamlessly into sunny mornings of colorful cocktails. Las Vegas is known as a city that can provide wild clubs, decadent dining, and even an impromptu wedding if you are feeling truly adventurous! Walking the Vegas Strip as the neon signs light your way and countless casinos tower above you is a life experience that every adventure seeker deserves to have.

“Excitement seekers who want to party instead of sleep when night falls should surely find the right destination to find iconic nightlife in one of these beautiful cities,” states Jones.


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