5 Travel Destinations That Will Change Your Outlook on Life Forever Listed By Jay Jay

“If we were all the same, that would make life boring, and the same goes for travel.”

Travel can open us up to new worlds by expanding our horizons and appreciation for life. When we travel, not only do we get to see new places, but we get to experience new cultures and ways of doing things. We get to relive history in beautiful and meaningful places that inspire us to look at our own lives differently. Travel completes us in ways material objects can’t.

We recently spoke with Joshua Jayaweera, aka Jay Jay, a world-famous magician, international speaker, and content creator, about how travel has changed his outlook on life. “I learned that it’s okay to be different because it’s the diversity that makes this world such a beautiful place,” says Jay Jay. “If we were all the same, that would make life boring, and the same goes for travel.” Jay Jay shared with us his five top travel destinations that will change your outlook on life forever.

Tokyo, Japan

“Tokyo just lights your energy on fire,” says Jay Jay. “It’s a modern metropolis with everything from awe-inspiring skyscrapers to bustling street markets.” Jay Jay loves to visit Tokyo because it’s modern and high-tech with a vibrant pop culture scene. Visiting Tokyo makes you feel amazing, and its culture is infectious.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Who wouldn’t enjoy a beautiful city that merges historical buildings with sleek skyscrapers and a fascinating culture? Jay Jay loves visiting Ho Chi Minh City for its beautiful temples and pagodas, the iconic and stunning Saigon Central Post Office, and of course, the pho.

“No visit to Ho Chi Minh City is considered complete without a taste of pho,” says Jay Jay.

Dubai, UAE

According to Jay Jay, Dubai is one of his favorite destinations in the world.

“The observation deck on Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor has the most stunning views of the city,” he remarks. The skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, desert safaris, and the Dubai Aquarium are some of the reasons he loves visiting Dubai.


While everyone visits France to view the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, Jay Jay has some hidden gems around the country that he loves to visit. 

“The gorgeous Provence region is stunning,” he quips. “From the yellow sunflowers to the red poppies and deep purple lavender fields, Provence is a vibrant work of art.”

Who can forget the picturesque Alsace villages and the glamourous Côte d’Azur (French Riviera) coastline? In addition to the landmarks, Jay Jay loves France for its cuisine and pretty cafés.

Bora Bora

“Bora Bora is an exquisite destination that has blown my mind on every visit,” Jay Jay says.

Among the world’s most beautiful Islands, Bora Bora offers white sand beaches, magnificent turquoise waters, and many water activities to take part in. Jay Jay especially loves swimming in the crystal-clear lagoon waters surrounding the island and taking a hike up Mount Otemanu found at the center of the island.

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