5 Ways To Practice Self Care During A Stressful Election

5 Ways To Practice Self Care During A Stressful Election

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5 Ways To Practice Self Care During A Stressful Election

Take some time for you.

Take some time for you.

Styling: Sophie Lee

As we await the final counted ballots, our work isn't nearly over. It can be stressful to have so many things hanging in the balance. Try to take some time to reflect on how you're doing through all of this. If you need a break, take one. And when you do (because I'm pretty sure you'll be taking that break), here are a few things you can do to destress.

Reach Out To Your Support System

The most important thing to do is probably reaching out for support. We aren't meant to get through thick and thin on our own. Take an inventory of those in your life that you'd like to check in with. Ask for help if you need it, and ask them if they need anything from you. Sometimes we need to vent and talk out our feelings. Other times, we need a distraction. Watch a movie together or go for a socially distanced walk. It's okay to turn your mind to things other than politics and hardship. The work will still be there when you get back.

Pamper Yourself

How do you like to treat yourself? It could be a hot bath and a face mask. It could be settling in with a movie and lots of junk food. Give in to whatever you need to make yourself feel special and cared for. "Treating yourself" doesn't fit into one specific mold, it's whatever helps you unwind. The most typical thing if probably the bath and soft linens and things along that line, but do what feels right.

Unplug For The Day

Can you go a day without the news and social media? If being constantly tuned in is stressing you out, it could be helpful to take a step back and set some boundaries. Try going a day without being online and see how it feels. If you end up liking the distance, try setting some stricter rules for yourself about when and for how long you will use social media. This might help you stop the cycle of exhaustion.

Take Up Meditation Or Another Practice

Meditation can be a really helpful practice in that it gives you time to clear your head and take notice of your physical wellbeing. If diving in headfirst is a little daunting, try starting out with small chucks of time, like 5 minutes. Or, you can opt to use guided meditation services that will walk you through the process. Meditating is a skill and habit that you have to build. Don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't transform you overnight.


We've all been home for a while now and a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. If you're getting a bit stir crazy, or just plain frustrated, try revamping your surroundings. Getting rid of unnecessary items can feel like tossing off a physical and mental weight. Throw out the trash, resell the gems, and donate the rest. Then, once you've cleansed your surroundings and your mind, try rearranging the furniture or investing in some new pieces. Moving things around can radically shift the feeling of a space, perhaps in a new and refreshing way.

Credits: Art by LevysFriends. Media by Giphy.


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