6 Key Crystals To Actualize Your 2021 Manifestations

6 Key Crystals To Actualize Your 2021 Manifestations

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6 Key Crystals To Actualize Your 2021 Manifestations

Whether you're looking for love, abundance or prosperity, the right crystal can go a long way in attracting your manifestations.

Whether you're looking for love, abundance or prosperity, the right crystal can go a long way in attracting your manifestations.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

Manifestation is the practice of bringing things into your life through the law of attraction. There are a plethora of ways to manifest—writing something down, speaking it into existence or even taking actions and practicing steps as if what you have manifested has already come to pass.

Crystals can be invaluable tools to help enhance your manifestations and bring the law of attraction into your life and home, simply by being present around you or by being held and carried around by you as you visualize what you want. There is an abundance of crystals to choose from for manifestation—what matters is which one has energy that resonates with you and your goals. Don’t know where to start? Look no further; below, we’re sharing 6 must-have crystals for manifestation, and why you need them.

1. Carnelian, for Creativity

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Carnelian is a stabilizing stone, known by it’s vibrant red-orange hue. It’s notable for it’s many physical healing properties, but when it comes to manifestation, Carnelian is all about creativity and vitality. The stone drives empathy and motivation, restoring the most whimsical and positive energies in your body to bring amplified creative prospects into your life.

2. Clear Quartz, for Amplification

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Clear Quartz is the panacea of manifestation crystals, with broad and vivid power. You can harness the energy of Clear Quartz to manifest anything, as the crystal itself stands for amplification and reflection. Clear Quartz is perfect to have as a simple, powerful stone to bring what you have asked for in your life, as it raises your vibration and enhances intentions that you have set out into the world.

3. Obsidian, for Letting Go

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When manifesting, it is crucial that you look ahead to what you want, focusing on bringing positive energy into your life and releasing the obstacles and negative energy that stands in your way. Negative thought patterns can be intrusive to achieving your manifestations, which is where Obsidian comes into play. The crystal has vast powers for protection, and the symbolic sharp edges allow you to cut away the negativity holding you back and allow you to face new opportunities in a faster, better way.

4. Citrine, for Abundance and Prosperity

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Known as the “money stone,” Citrine is a powerful crystal that raises your vibration, shifts your mindset and attracts fiscal prosperity and optimism. If your manifestations center around success, wealth or achievements, Citrine is definitely a stone you want to keep in your pocket, around the house, on your desk or even in your workspace.

5. Malachite, for Love

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Malachite is invaluable in manifesting love, and more specifically, in allowing you to let go of the setbacks which have been standing in your way. Whether it be unhealthy patterns, toxic relationships or a lack of emotional intuition, Malachite works wonders in clearing the path to lead you and your heart right to where it needs to be, opening the heart chakra and giving you the willpower to release what no longer serves you.

6. Hematite, for Clarity

Hematite Thumb Stone

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Like Clear Quartz, Hematite is a crystal which betters your manifestation practices and draws things to you. It works specifically well in manifesting focus and balance, drawing in clarity to your root chakra and allowing you to settle down in your chaotic, free-falling life. The vibration of Hematite will ground you, using its density as a sponge to soak up your negative thoughts and do away with them. Simply by being around Hematite in your home, you’ll wash away obstacles and reinforce your manifestations, enhancing the law of attraction around yourself.


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