6 Sneaker Drops You Won’t Want to Miss

Reebok, Louis Vuitton, Saucony, and more have some pretty fly kicks around the corner

‘Tis the season for chunky shoes and big boots that’ll help you trudge through the snow (or not, depending on where you live…no, I’m not jealous). Sure, we could all be donning our big boy shoes, the ones with not a lot of aesthetic value and that’ll just, really, get the job done.

But wait, it’s 2021, we’re in January. That means we can break out the sneakers again. And, of course, the fashion industry heard your plight (well in advance) and have for you some choice sneaker drops this week that you really shouldn’t be missing out on. 

Peanuts x Puma Ralph Sampson

Kicking things off with a little comic inspired footwear, Puma tapped the legendary Charles M. Schulz comic strip for a Ralph Sampson silhouette collab. The white leather base comes with some bright yellow and orange accents for a fun and sporty look. And speaking of sporty, don’t miss the dribbling Snoopy on the side of the shoe that should take you back to a simpler time when the day was all about the morning cartoon strip.

Nike Kyrie 7 “Raygun”

Nike’s Kyrie line has seen significant success as a sporting and strutting shoe. With their new launch colorway, the Nike Kyrie 7, they’re bringing back the Roswell Rayguns from the 2000s campaign, the first time the Rayguns are returning since the Kyrie 3. The shoe itself keeps things trendy with an orange and black base and red highlights throughout, almost resembling neon spotlights at a big game.

Saucony Jazz 81

The Saucony’s classic Jazz silhouette has been a popular favorite with sporty types for decades now (seriously, decades). In fact, the brand celebrated the silhouette’s 40th anniversary with the launch of the new Jazz 81, an updated and sleeker version of the classic sneak. Coming in black, blue, and silver color options, it’s as classic as a sneaker can be, with a simple and fluid design that packs a punch in the utility area.

Air Jordan 13 Retro “Starfish”

Speaking of tributes, the Air Jordan 13 features a color palette that, to sneakerheads, will breed some Air Jordan 1 nostalgia. The white tumbled leather base upper and the signature dimpled overlays create an interesting silhouette, especially when paired with the panther paw outsole. The 13’s holographic eye also makes an appearance on the lateral ankle, so you can really see where you’re stepping with your brand new shoes.

LV Trainer Upcycling Collection

These colorful offerings from Louis Vuitton feature men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh’s passion for upcycling and sustainability at its core. The tie-dyed laces, calfskin and suede materials, and the nods to the previous LV trainer from the 2019 Spring-Summer season showcase LV’s dedication to creating shoes that make statements both fashionable and environmental. Plus, there’s about a thousand cotton candy colored variants of these out there that you should definitely give a shot.

Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi

The launch in bianchetto combines Margiela’s iconic tabi split-toed silhouette with Reebok’s classic leather build to create…well, the Classic Leather Tabi. Painted in a white-coating on a black leather base that purposely chips over time, the shoe is a great option for runners (who would like to take a look at the interesting footprints they create), but also one for the casual day-on-the-town (in-mask) wardrobe.

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