7 Black TikTok Creators You Need To Be Following

From cooking to comedy, here are some must-follow creators for your FYP.

TikTok is the favorite social media platform of 2021—from recipes to humor to viral dances and full-blown skits, the creativity of TikTok’s users is unparalleled, coming together to create a vibrant, diverse community right on your For You Page.

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re highlighting 7 of our favorite TikTok creators you need to be following to add some quality content to your feed. Whether you’re into fashion, history, cooking or just general good vibes, here are the names whose little red “+” signs you should be clicking.

Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)


this would actually be happening rn if it wasn’t for ‘rona?? (ib: @evelilythrifts) #gucci #rickowens #saintlaurent #prada

♬ Originalton – Alicia Ashanti

Easily the best dressed man on TikTok, Wisdom Kaye is a style icon. His videos are clean, short and aesthetically pleasing—whether he’s dressing up to sit next to the runway at a make-believe Prada show or just showing us some cool picks from his closet, we’re completely hooked on his fashion.

Tati Mitchell (@thereal_tati)


#duet with @justinalbert19

♬ Mc/Donald’s – The Inertia King

For some lighthearted and genuinely funny content, Tati never misses. Whether she’s duetting other people’s videos with hilarious reactions and commentary or making her own content that reads like unscripted stand-up comedy, every time a Tati video appears on your FYP, prepare for some laughs.

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)


Raw cheesy tacos with pecans and cashews ? #vegan #tabithabrown #rawveganrecipe

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

The unofficial vegan mother of TikTok, Tabitha Brown brings wholesome vibes and family cooking right to you. Interspersed between her (rather delicious) vegan recipes are warm, uplifting videos, little pep talks that are so genuine they make the Internet seem like a sweet and kind place.

Jax James (@fatraco0n)



♬ original sound – Jax James

Jax James’ witty, sharp humor is one of the most stellar corners of comedic TikTok. Whether she’s providing (accurate and intelligent) social commentary with sarcasm or simply lip-syncing in the mirror to a viral audio, her videos truly never miss.

Taylor Cassidy (@taylorcassidyj)


Fast Black History • Barack Obama #makeblackhistory#blackhistorymonth#barackobama

♬ C U Girl – Steve Lacy

Taylor Cassidy is a must-follow on TikTok: with short, educational videos on various points of and people in history, her content is dynamic and engaging, with to-the-point, digestible information.

Arielle Sydney (@ariellesydney_)


Happy BLACK HISTORY MONTH #blackhistorymonth #fashiontok

♬ original sound – Lorena Pages

A fashion innovator and style icon, Arielle Sidney is bringing vibrant, colorful fashion to your FYP. The vibes are always warm and sunny in her videos, showing off fashion inspiration and her latest creative designs.

Alex Beckom (@thatotheralex)


Reply to @realwoahthicky lol not me replying to this comment 4months later? #starbucks #barista #roundofapplause #GEICOLipSync

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Alex Beckom is one of those TikTok creators whose videos make you feel like you’re on FaceTime with your best friend. With engaging content that ranges from must-try Starbucks recipes to short skits to trying on different things, her videos are genuinely uplifting and satisfying.

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