7 Cute Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

From braided bamboo to single-stem orchids, these are the plants your mom will love this Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day comes the ins and outs of gift shopping—how to find the perfect gift for the woman who gives you everything? What’s something that says “I love you, Mom,” but also “I want to give you something lasting and meaningful”? Diamonds and gold are an option, surely, but just as lovely and sweet are a lesser obvious option: plants.

Good for the home and nourishing for the soul, plants are a sweet, simple gift for moms. Whether or not she already has a green thumb, your mom will appreciate something to liven up the house, something to nurture and take care of. Looking for the perfect plant for Mother’s Day? Below, we’re sharing 7 adorable plant gifts for the holiday.

1. The Monstera

Image via Modern Garden

Big, bold and clean, this broad-leafed plant is a perfect household addition to liven up any room. The Monstera is easy to take care of, adaptable to all kinds of conditions including low light and inconsistent watering, plus it comes with its own pot and stand. Tall and wide, this air cleaning plant is a low-maintenance, high-reward gift.

Shop the Monstera for $249 at Modern Garden.

2. The Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

Image via Bloomscape

A sweet, feminine-looking plant, this no-fuss Bromeliad is a non-toxic addition to the household. Small in size and friendly to pets and indirect lighting, this plant includes a recycled plastic Ecopot and helps remove harmful pollutants from the air, making it just as useful as it is beautiful.

Shop the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink for $65 from Bloomscape.

3. The Nature Walk Bouquet

Image via The Sill

For a more unconventional—yet still visually splendid—plant gift, poppy flowers adorned with leafy stems make the perfect gift. A fresh spring day brought inside, these stems encapsulate the spirit of Mother’s Day, capturing blooming love and happiness in the air.

Shop The Nature Walk Bouquet for $90 at The Sill.

4. The Aviva

Image via Urban Stems

For a plant gift that needs no watering and doubles as interior decor, a bold, lush wreath is the way to go. Packed with color and the joyous vitality of May, this wreath is a creatively arranged medley, featuring florals and greenery in vibrant shades.

Shop The Aviva dried wreath for $145 at Urban Stems.

5. Braided Lucky Bamboo

Image via Harry & David

A symbolic plant bringing luck and fortune to the household, this thoughtful gift is perfect for Mother’s Day. Simple and elegant, it can fit in any corner of the home nestled in a white ceramic container with pebbles for display and instructions for care, an easy and seamless addition to your mother’s life.

Shop the Braided Lucky Bamboo for $69.99 at Harry & David.

6. Classic 1-Stem Phalaenopsis

Image via Plantshed

Unusual yet lovely, this single-stemmed plant is modern and dramatic. A spectacular beauty, the potted plant holds a lone orchid flower which will stand out in the home and touch your mom’s heart, because let’s face it: who doesn’t love orchids?

Shop the Classic 1-Stem Phalaenopsis for $60 at Plantshed.

7. Large Comfort Planter

Image via FTD

For the mom who wants rich, bold plants to stand out and bring the beauty of nature indoors, the Large Comfort Planter is a must-have. Offering peace and love, the stylish ceramic face holds an 8″ peace lily plant with bold white blooms in a cloud of dark green foliage, good for the mind, soul and home.

Shop the Comfort Planter for $115 at FTD.

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