7 Fashion Trends From the 70s We're Bringing Into 2021

7 Fashion Trends From the 70s We're Bringing Into 2021

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7 Fashion Trends From the 70s We're Bringing Into 2021

From sweater vests to flare pants, 2021 is all about looking to the style icons of the past.

From sweater vests to flare pants, 2021 is all about looking to the style icons of the past.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

An era of good vibes and even better tunes, the 1970s were a decade worthy of emulation. With Bowie and Jagger on the rise, Barbra Streisand in every magazine, the rise of disco and the reign of bellbottoms, the 1970s are remembered as an era of cultural shifts and movements in all areas—especially fashion.

As we set the tone for what 2021 will bring, why not take some of the greatest hits of the past along for the ride? From textured trousers to tight tops, here are 7 fashion trends of the ’70s we’re taking into 2021.

Tinted Eyewear

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David Bowie in Los Angeles, 1975. Image via Steve Schapiro.

Image via Tom Ford.

In the 1970s, essential to any decent look was a pair of bulky, square-shaped shades with tinted lenses. In neutral tones like brown or olive to allow for mixing and matching, tinted shades are the best way to protect your eyes and elevate your fit this year, because let’s face it: opaque sunnies are so 1980. Brands like Tom Ford are bringing back ’70s-esque designs with contemporary accents, like shiny metal Italian-made frames and complete UV protection.

Groovy Patterns

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Italian model Daniela Bianchi in 1971. Image via Getty Images.

Image via House of Sunny.

Prints in the ’70s were loud, proud and often contrasting in just the right way to make them visually appealing as opposed to cluttered and messy. Brands like House of Sunny are excelling at reminiscing on the ’70s with their bold new takes on groovy prints, whether it be circular, lava-lamp blobs, a healthy dose of zebra print and stripes, or even polka dots.

Bell-Shaped Silhouettes

V&A to display John Travolta's white suit from Saturday Night Fever

“Saturday Night Fever.” Image via Dezeen.

Image via Marc Jacobs.

Bell-bottom pants and bell-sleeve tops scream “1970s” like nothing else. On the runway, bell silhouettes are a key component to making interesting silhouettes this year. Marc Jacobs plays on the iconic ’70s shape with flared-leg jeans with a mid-rise waist, featuring copper hardware and, of course, corduroy, because what would bell-bottom pants be without it?

Bra Tops

Pam Grier in a crochet bra top, 1975. Image via Getty Images.

Image via Khaite.

Bra tops are exactly what they sound like: a bra that’s worn in lieu of a top. In the ’70s, they were often paired with loose, billowing pants for a sleek silhouette, and 2021 should be no different. Whether they’re knit fabric like the bra top from Khaite or made of silk or linen, bra tops are a 2021 must-have.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Barbra Streisand wears leather, fishnet and knit on set of “The Owl and the Pussycat” in the 1970s. Image via Getty Images.

Image via Gucci.

Whether it’s suede, corduroy, crochet or knit, the 1970s were the decade of textures. Mixing and matching various fabrics can be just as fun as wearing just one. Brands like Gucci, which emphasizes knitwear across its collection, bring sweater vests harkening the ’70s with fun and dynamic prints.

Exaggerated Collars

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Farrah Fawcett in “Charlie’s Angels,” 1977. Image via Getty Images.

Image via Ganni.

How do you make a regular shirt just a bit more interesting? In the 1970s, the answer was simple: add an oversized collar for an exaggerated effect. Often pointed or in a Peter Pan shape, these exaggerated collars completed looks with a touch of flair and finality. Ganni adds oversized pilgrim collars to a poplin top for a ’70s shape, putting a classic twist on a modern shirt.

Trouser Suits

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YSL trouser suit from 1970. Image via Getty Images.

Image via Chloé.

Trouser suits were all the rage in the 1970s for men and women. Boxy and monochromatic, they were an easy way to look put-together without actually having to put an outfit together. With focus on statement trousers like this wool pair of plaid pants from Chloé, wide legs and oversized silhouettes were made chic for the streets.

Credits: Photograph: Terry O'Neill/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


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