7 of the Most Stylish Luggage for your Next Getaway

Travel in style with V’s selection of travel cases.

If you’re going on a trip soon, you’re at the right place. 2023 marks the year of exploration and adventure, and although your holiday destination might constantly be changing your suitcase is here to stay. Whether you’re off on a staycation, weekend trip, or traveling across the pond, your travel bag dictates your experience, from style and ease to practicability.

From travel-based brands such as Rimowa to luxury fashion houses including Prada, there are various places to find long-lasting yet incredibly stylish plane companions. Depending on what you look for most in a travel case, V has compiled a list of the most modern and must-have luggage for your next holiday.

Rimowa Hybrid

Shop this here, $1,300

The Rimowa Hybrid is an iconic travel partner. The classically German company and as of 2017 LVMH’s latest addition, is most well-known for its parallel-lined aluminum cases that not only look very sleek but are incredibly long-lasting. The hybrid is a particularly great option as it uses the same materials as the brand’s classic metal cases, but is far more lightweight. This is for the traveler looking for simplicity, and ease.

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama 55 Suitcase

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Shop this here, $4,750

Louis Vuitton’s travel accessories have always been a classic of the brand. Printed in the house’s iconic logo, their cases are made from extremely durable materials and are a travel must-have for a more fashion-frenzy yet practical option. This case in particular is from Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, spotted through her traditional polka dot pattern.

Paravel Grand Tour Set

Image courtesy of Paravel

Shop this here, $548

Lightweight, stylish, and spacious. The qualities everyone looks for in a bag. Spot your bag instantly off the carousel with Paravel’s Grand Tour Set which includes two of their best sellers and is the perfect combination for a weekend getaway. Not only does this set look sharp and extremely functional, but it is environmentally friendly and sustainable from the EcoCraft Canvas to the nylon lining made of upcycled plastic bottles. Paravel is unique in that they offset all carbon emissions generated by creating and shipping the bags to its customers.

Steamline Luggage, The Editor

Image courtesy of Steamline

Shop this here, $650

If you are looking for a luxury, stylish, and functional suitcase, Steamline is for you. This travel chest elevates your traveling experience with an extremely modern feel, ensuring spaciousness and ease. This case is made of an ivory linen body that opens to reveal a stunning artwork of palm leaves made by Eóin Dillon and Meryl Pardoen.

Tumi Medium Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case

Image courtesy of Tumi

Shop this here, $1,295

Tumi is classic, timeless, and extremely practical. Their designs are modern and sleek, whilst catering to all your travel needs. From extra space to removable garment sleeves to interior and exterior pockets, you’ll be sure to fit absolutely everything you need in this case and keep it all organized. This case is made with Tumi’s signature extra-durable nylon, ensuring good quality and a long-lasting duration.

Beis The 26″ Check-in Roller 

Image courtesy of Beis

Shop this here, $278

Shay Mitchell’s travel-bag brand is the perfect travel companion and accommodates any length, distance, and destination. Made entirely with traveler needs in mind, this brand offers sleek and organized travel cases and bags for your next adventure.

Prada Nylon Semi-Rigid Suitcase

Image courtesy of Prada

Shop this here, $4,200

Prada’s iconic nylon bag design is now available to be taken with you on the plane. With multiple compartments, a detachable strap, and a lock, this bag is the perfect in-between of a carry-on and checked bag.


















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