7 of the Sleekest Boots for Winter

An instant staple for any fall wardrobe, these boots were made for walking and for style.

And just like that it’s fall, or as we like to call it, boot season. With an array of options from lace-up to Chelsea, there is a boot for one and all. A sure classic when it comes to shoes, boots can instantly make an outfit more or less casual depending on the style and the occasion. Pair some Y-3 rubber-toed boots with slacks and a suit jacket to create a less formal ensemble, or just as easily throw on a pair of The Row Chelsea boots with jeans and a t-shirt to make a look fit for the office or any business-casual affair. From running to meetings to taking a stroll along orange-leafed trees, there isn’t a fall activity that boots couldn’t fashionably conquer. 


Not only are boots a quick stylish fix for every outfit, but they’re also incredibly practical—talk about a win win. As life increasingly returns to in-person opportunities just as the weather gets chillier, you’ll need a shoe that is not only appropriate for every occasion but that can easily take you from point A to B. Apologies for the cliché, but indeed, these boots were made for walking. Whether you prefer pointed-toes or round, suede or leather, your glass slipper of the boot variety awaits.       


  1. Y-3, Green Notoma Lace-Up Boots, $400

For the sporty type, try these ankle high, bonded jersey lace-up boots in a deep army green. The rubber toe and sole make these the perfect, comfortable choice for running around town in style. 

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. R13, Black Single Stack Chelsea Boots, $1360 

With a slight platform and zipper at the heel, this pair of Chelsea boots adds a slick element of edge. Don’t be afraid to embrace your grungy side this fall.

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. Dr. Martens, 1460 Pascal Ziggy Boots, $170

In a warm, tan shade with a subtly distressed leather material, the classic Docs get a fall upgrade that’s as sweet as your cinnamon-spiced cider.

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. The Row, Classic Chelsea Boots, $1750 

Sharp in the literal and figurative senses, these pointed toe Chelsea boots will become an instant wardrobe staple. The sleek black leather and classic form is sure to elevate any outfit.  

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. Our Legacy, Crinkled Leather Camion Boots, $530

Nothing says fall more than a rich red boot. Ankle high and with a square toe, this pair effortlessly celebrates that timeless, ’70s feel.

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. Rhude, Lock Boots, $1025

The soft suede exterior and tonal heel will instantly enhance every outfit this autumn. Pair with jeans for a relaxed look.  

Image courtesy of Ssense.


  1. Virón, Green Apple Leather 1992 Boots, $280

Undeniably cool, this green, faux-leather boot is a contemporary twist on the classic lace-up boot. 

Image courtesy of Ssense.
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