8 Best Pull-Over Sweaters to Buy Right Now

8 Best Pull-Over Sweaters to Buy Right Now

8 Best Pull-Over Sweaters to Buy Right Now

Get the look now and look fabulous for Fall

Get the look now and look fabulous for Fall

Text: Gaby Messino

Sweater season is back and it's time to fill up your wardrobe. Sweaters are great for layering or wearing on their own. We've compiled a list of sweaters that will be perfect for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. These garments are cozy without sacrificing aesthetic. They are edgy, sexy, and always eye catching.

Stella McCartney

Kind Intarsia Sweater - multicolor


This look is filled with all kinds of childlike wonder. It's a great way to brighten up the shortening days.

Alexander McQueen

Abstract Print Cashmere Sweater

The abstract pattern is sure to grab anyone's attention whether it reminds them of Halloween or a mysterious vortex. The asymmetrically fabric makes it a great pairing for neutral bottoms.

Rowing Blazers

"Diana" Luxury Sweater


Why stop at buying luxury when you can be luxury? This sweater fits in the growing trend of word based designs, while being cozy for the Fall.

Isabel Marant

Emma Puff Sleeve Alpaca Blend Sweater


The puffed sleeves give this sweater a feminine touch, which is accentuated by the pink coloring. Though it is simple its small details make it unique.


Junie Open Knit Sweater


Grandma-chic is always in, and these sleeves are giving the essence of doilies. This sweater is definitely timeless.


Kendal Cashmere Illusion Sweater


This half sheer garment proves that sweaters can be sexy. The off should v-neck illusion highlights the top of the sweater and makes it truly one of a kind.


Destroyed Patch Logo Sweater


This look focuses on deconstruction and the seeming appearance of a red sweater hidden under a black one. It creates an effortless grunge aesthetic.


Gold Wool Sweater


If you want to look like royalty, this sweater is for you. The gold is flashy yet elegant and sure to make anyone stop and stare.


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