8 by YOOX Presents AW 23-24 Collection At Runway To Seoul

YOOX, the digital fashion powerhouse established in 2000, is at the forefront of another exciting venture: a convergence of fashion with Korean culture

The visionary event Runway to Seoul, hosted by WWD Korea and the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), aimed to link Korean culture to global fashion. The experience was a fusion of futuristic fashion, K-entertainment, and AR/XR interactive experiences, aimed to revitalize the cultural hub of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and support South Korean fashion SMEs. The international community was also invited, facilitated by Shanghai’s ‘Ontimeshow,’ to assist local fashion companies with global expansion.

8 by YOOX / Courtesy of YOOX NET-a-PORTER Group

Korean brands like ‘Hera,’ ‘Juno Hair,’ ‘Dipe,’ and ‘GALLERIEX’ co-hosted, while other Korean artists like the K-pop group Kiss of Life, DJ250, Kimximyada, and D’AUSPICE delivered engaging performances.

In addition to 8 by YOOX, RTS featured an additional 6 designers: ‘L.E.E.Y,’ ‘Ordinarypeople,’ ‘NACHE,’ ‘NICHE2NIGHT,’ ‘KOWGI,’ and ‘MINA CHUNG.’

‘Kiss of Life’ / Courtesy of Runway to Seoul

One of the key highlights of RTS was the appearance of YOOX’s private label, ‘8 by YOOX.’ The AW 23-24 collection, presented in a “See Now, Buy Now” fashion show, is a tribute to self-expression and the feeling of belonging to a community lacking limitations. It merges the minimalism and iconic volumes of the 1990s with bold Y2K aesthetics. 

8 by YOOX / Courtesy of YOOX NET-a-PORTER Group
8 by YOOX / Courtesy of YOOX NET-a-PORTER Group
8 by YOOX / Courtesy of YOOX NET-a-PORTER Group

The collection exudes a contemporary pop vibe with complete leather ensembles, practical utility elements, futuristic allusions, relaxed silhouettes, grunge-inspired accents, and a touch of nostalgia from the Y2K era.

Backstage: 8 by YOOX / Courtesy of YOOX NET-a-PORTER Group

Incorporating technology into fashion, YOOX has integrated Digital ID into each collection piece, powered by its technology partner, EON. With a simple scan of the QR code on the product’s care label, customers gain access to valuable information about the item’s origin and design long after purchase.

The collection is now available online on the YOOX website. Shop the collection here.

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