8 Electronic Gifts That Will Wow

The electronic gifts every gadget lover needs on their wish list.

If there was one thing to take away from the Little Mermaid, it is that there are truly “gadgets and gizmos of plenty” in the world. From Apple AirTags to the newest Playstation 5, it seems that we are constantly surrounded by technology. This makes gifting to ourselves and/or our fellow tech lovers rather impossible, because with hundreds of new arrivals from our favorite brands, there seems to be endless options to choose from. 

But lucky for you, we’ve curated our own list to make your shopping a bit easier. No matter if you’re a beginner or expert, here are the best tech gifts to give (or keep) this holiday season. 

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

Courtesy of Mirror

You’ve most likely seen commercials boasting about Mirror. To refresh your memory, Mirror is a unique, at-home workout experience that offers live and personalized workouts. Not only does it track your progress, but it also gives you the opportunity to work 1:1 with an instructor. With over 50 different fitness categories, such as boxing, strength and ballet, you will never have to step foot into a gym ever again. 

Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses

Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Shield your eyes from the sun as you capture every moment, literally. With these sunglasses, you can take hands-free videos and photos from a first-person perspective. You can also pause a song with a single touch, and make a call with its built-in microphone. Other unique features include its wide range of color and style choices for a personalized touch. 

DJI Mini 2 Drone

Courtesy of Amazon

The perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Not only is the DJI Mini 2 lightweight and easy to travel with, it also has a 4K camera and incredible zoom to ensure quality videos and photographs. And to help you fly far distances and see clearer, the drone is able to support up to 10km of HD video transmission, and has “excellent anti-interference capabilities.’’ 

June Oven

Courtesy of June

The June Oven is the world’s first 12-in-1 oven. Don’t let its name fool you, because it practically is an air fryer, grill, slow cooker and roaster all in one—and that is only a few of its abilities. With the help of its unique hardware, smart connectivity and precision heat control, you will hardly have to worry about lifting a finger in the kitchen. The June Oven also contains a streamlined touch-screen interface and high performance camera inside in order to identify various foods, and cook meals faster and better. 

Ember Mug²

Courtesy of Ember

Any coffee and/or tea drinker knows how bothersome it is to drink a cold beverage that’s meant to be warm. The Ember Mug makes this less of a worry, because it allows you to set an exact temperature for your coffee. Depending on the size of cup you get, your drink will stay at its set temperature for up to 80 minutes. When it hits its set temperature, the cup notifies you with its smart LED. Plus, it intelligently knows when to turn itself on and off. 

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Courtesy of Click and Grow

Living in a big city makes it difficult to have your own garden. But with a touch of a button, the Smart Garden 3 allows you to grow your own garden year-round—no matter where you live. The unique system has automated watering, light and nutrient management so that your plants are kept fresh. This is especially great if you want to be a bit sustainable because they sell over 75+ different plant varieties that are homegrown, organic and pesticide free. 

Apple HomePod Mini

Courtesy of Apple

Despite being only 3-inches tall, the Apple HomePod packs a mighty punch. This new product by Apple has rich 360-degree audio to fill an entire living space, no matter how big or small. Best used with other Apple devices, the HomePod can pick up calls from your phone, play audio from your Apple TV and blast music from your Macbook. And just how Siri works on the iPhone, the HomePod brings Siri to the home as a “do-it-all intelligent assistant’’ so you can send a quick text, skip a song or simply ask about the weather.

Wyze Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Courtesy of Wyze

This tiny plug makes any item a smart device. If you were to plug an appliance or lamp into the plug, you are able to turn it on/off with just your voice. And with the Wyze app, you can schedule your devices to turn on/off at certain times of the day, plus automate it for motion detection. The Wyze Smart Plug can also be used with other Wyze and tech devices to make your home a smart home.

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