8 New Must-Have Sunglasses for Spring/Summer

Find the perfect eyewear to elevate your look.

Sunglasses are an essential component to any assemblage, even if you’re just popping out to get some fresh air—safely of course. Whether you want to add a vibrant pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit or you need to complete a monochromatic look with a dramatic accessory, sunglasses truly have the power to elevate any style. Each frame size, color choice, and construction provides an entirely different sense of aesthetic, ultimately allowing for seamless transitions between various looks. As you peruse the many options on your hunt for your next pair, take into consideration V’s top sunglasses picks, below.

Vehla Florence – Honey Tort/Cinnamon, $160

This warm-toned, mini-framed sunglass frame is sure to complete any look that needs an extra splash of color for maximal coordination.

TOM FORD Razor Sunglasses, $460

Stay looking sharp and futuristic, with these minimalistic cutting-edge frames.

Phlemuns x Bonnie Clyde Eyewear Double-Check, $148

A unique build, the Bonnie Clyde Eyewear Double Check will surely have people looking twice.

Arnette x Post Malone, $94

The Post Malone x Arnette frames are a certain standout, especially in this vibrant yellow tone and mid-sized eye shape.

Crap Eyewear – The Prima Donna by Emma Chamberlain , $89

These Emma Chamberlain-designed sunglasses are sure to garner lots of likes on social media and bedazzle any outfit to an elevated aesthetic.

Dior – 30Montaigne Black Square Sunglasses, $495

A shape like no other, the 30Montaigne sunglasses will certainly steal the show in any look, making for the perfect, show-stopping statement piece.

Prada Duple Sunglasses, $455

The Prada Duple’s sport a futuristic look, one that turns a dull outfit into an art-deco masterpiece.

Bottega Veneta Oversized Square Sunglasses, $295

A classy touch, the Bottega Veneta Oversized Square Sunglasses boast an unmatched sense of elegance in a versatile frame.

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