8 Socks to Keep Your Feet Cozy This Winter 

8 Socks to Keep Your Feet Cozy This Winter 

8 Socks to Keep Your Feet Cozy This Winter 

As the cold continues to creep in, keep your toes nice and warm. 

As the cold continues to creep in, keep your toes nice and warm. 

Text: Stevie Rowley

There’s no worse feeling than stepping out into the cold and feeling a cold breeze hit your feet. Sometimes shoes just aren’t enough to keep your toes warm in the harsh winter weather. Check out these 8 socks that’ll not only keep your feet cozy, but have them looking cute too!

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Yosemite Cashmere Socks by The Elder Statesmen

For the most luxurious pair of cozy socks, The Elder Statesmen has you covered. The Yosemite Cashmere Socks are made from 100% cashmere, and are unbelievably soft. Knitted with a soft cuffed at the top of the sock to prevent from slipping, these socks are perfect for wear under boots or pants for the winter time. The blue tone  adds a subtle pop of color to any outfit while protecting your feet from the brutal cold. 

Shop the Yosemite Cashmere Socks here

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Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Sock by Ugg

The Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Sock from Ugg brings the warmth of an Ugg boot to every shoe. Lined with Ugg’s signature fleece, your feet will be warm no matter the occasion. With an adorable pom pom detailing, these socks while have you looking stylish while cozying up by a fireplace with a nice cup of hot coco. 

Shop the Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Sock here

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CozyChic Socks by Barefoot Dreams 

Made from their plush CozyChic, the CozyChic Socks from Barefoot Dreams are like a blanket for your feet. Their fluffy texture and plushness with provide not only warmth, but a bouncy surface for your feet to rest on. For long days out in the cold, these socks will become your best friend. 

Shop the CozyChic Socks here

Cloud Sock by Brother Vellies 

For a ‘90s scrunch sock look, the Brother Vellies is the company for you. Their Cloud Sock is made from soft cotton to make it feel like your walking on a cloud. Coming in a variety of colors, you can have a Cloud Sock for every mood. They’re not super chunky like most winter socks, making them the perfect every day option.

Shop the Cloud Sock here

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Homewear Socks by Balenciaga

For the perfect pink fuzzy socks, look no further. The Homewear Socks by Balenciaga are comfort and luxury at its finest. Combining shag knit cotton with a beautiful baby pink, Balenciaga is giving winter wear a chic look. Featuring the iconic logo on the toe of the sock, give a subtle flex with your footwear. 

Shop the Homewear Socks here

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Multicolor Striped Socks by Marni 

Striped socks will never go out of style. They provide the perfect pattern pop to any plain outfit, and give a bit of a surprise to anyone who happens to see them. The Multicolor Striped Socks from Marni are a colorful take on a classic sock. Made from mohair and virgin wool, these purple, yellow and white socks will be sure to keep you warm, while giving you a conversation starter. 

Shop the Multicolor Striped Socks here

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TKO Knitted Socks by Pas Normal Studios 

For a more understated winter sock, Pas Normal Studios has the perfect pair. The TKO Knitted Socks come in a delightful gray color for those days when you want a more casual vibe. Featuring cream writing on the side and toe, it breaks up the grey and still adds interesting details to an otherwise plain sock.

Shop the TKO Knitted Socks here

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Over-The-Knee Floral-Embellished Socks by Miu Miu 

For a warm sock that’ll be a staple part of your outfit, these Miu Miu socks are to die for. The Over-The-Knee Floral-Embellished Socks feature the cutest flower and sparkle detailings. While these socks are a fashion statement, they’ll still keep you warm thanks to their knit base. 

Shop the Over-The-Knee Floral-Embellished Socks here.


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