9 Best Boots to Include in Your Wardrobe this Fall

Time to change up your shoe collection for the Fall

Summer is gone, which means sandals are out and boots are in. Boots are one of the only types of shoes that looks good with any kind of outfit. Having a night out? Heeled boot. Going to the grocery store? Army boot. Business meeting? Again boots. It’s actually against the laws of nature to make boots look bad. It’s impossible.

Now that boot season is here, why not freshen up your wardrobe a little bit. We have found shoes that are great for a variety of occasions. So, get out your credit cards and find the Fall boots that work best for you.


Bottega Veneta

Flash Boots



Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Bright pops of color are a great way to freshen up a Fall look, and this lime green is a sure standout. The rubber platforms provide comfort and volume, while being reminiscent of the 2000’s


Daniella Shevel



Image courtesy of Danielle Shevel

These open front boots are some of the only ones you will find. The square toes are reminiscent of the 90’s along with the return to snake skin.



Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Leather Ankle Boots


Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter

These boots are classic from the smooth cut to the small heal. The golden studs and buckle provide bright detailing that doesn’t over power the shoe.


Lug-Sole Over-The-Knee Patent Boots



Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Ave

These boots scream Olivia Rodrigo in the “Good 4 You” music video. They are edgy, sexy, and a little bit evocative of kink culture.


Printed Jacquard Booties


Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Ave

The gapped platforms are original to this shoe, and the knitting will keep your feet warm while providing a texture that is hardly ever seen in shoes.


Christian Louboutin

Alta Botta Plume


Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

These boots are somewhere between Carrie Bradshaw and a woman who killed her husband and made it look like an accident. The studs create an overpowering pattern, and red bottoms are always a classic.


Tom Ford

Chain Detail Ankle Boots


Image courtesy of Farfetch

It doesn’t matter that Labor Day is long over, these boots are in for the Fall. They are clean cut and simple yet elegant. They have an air of class without going overboard.


Stella McCartney

Square Toe Platform Boots


Image courtesy of Nordstom

These boots are evocative of the chunky shoes of the 60’s and 70’s – like if disco boots met grunge.



Women’s Master Tall Boot


Image courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Zip-offs are deeply indicative of the 2000’s. Plus the leather and chunky bottoms are reminiscent of grunge and early emo music.

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