9 Beyoncé Performances That Prove Why She’s a Legend

9 Beyoncé Performances That Prove Why She’s a Legend

As she prepares to conquer her latest world stage at Coachella, take a look back on some of her most memorable stage moments.

As she prepares to conquer her latest world stage at Coachella, take a look back on some of her most memorable stage moments.

Text: Gillian Rivera

Text: Rayne H. Ellis

By scientific definition, there are no limits to Beyoncé's talent. Well, that statement may not be able to be proven, but it's not far off. Evidence, you ask? Ahead of her joint tour with hubby Jay-Z, which kicks off in Cardiff in June, and as she prepares to hit the stage this weekend at Coachella, where she will no doubt deliver yet another earthshaking set, we've compiled some of Bey's most memorable performances. Because whether she's kicking it country-style with the Dixie Chicks, teaming up with Bruno Mars and Coldplay for the Super Bowl, or demanding the world's attention at the EMAs, Beyoncé delivers. Always.

As she received the MTV Video Vanguard Award for her groundbreaking self-titled visual album, the music titan combined nearly every single song off the record into a stunning and seamless medley at the 2014 VMAs that joyously celebrated its ethos. That transition from "Jealous" into "Blow" alone was mind-blowing enough to be the standout moment of the night.

Bey always delivers the most soulful and passionate performances of "Love On Top", but there was nothing more emotional about this rendition than that pregnancy reveal.

At the Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, Beyonce delivered a performance so electric that the power actually went out afterward. Stunning visuals, a group of expert backup dancers, and a surprise reunion with former Destiny's Child members Kelly and Michelle spellbound an audience of more than 100 million.

In true Broadway fashion, Yoncé delivered hit single "If I Were a Boy" to the back of the stadium as if the 2010 Grammys were just a stop along her I Am... World Tour. Her interpolation of Alanis Morrisette's knockout classic "You Oughta Know" was a surefire win for all.

"Sweet Dreams" seems to be one of Beyoncé's most underrated singles, but we'll always have this spotlight from the 2009 EMAs, a gorgeous and intense performance filled with vocal runs and sensual theatrics.

There is a reason that every artist doesn't just skip paying back-up dancers and dance with recorded versions of themselves—it's damn near impossible to match the timing. So naturally, Beyoncé uses it in nearly every big televised performance after 2010. "Run the World" is one of the chart-topper's biggest dance hits, and as dancers say, she performed full out.

Beyoncé ticked off a lot of people (hardcore country fans) this night, but her performance with the Dixie Chicks at the 2016 Country Music Awards was an absolute win for everyone, delivering an immensely powerful and flat-out fun rendition of "Daddy Lessons".

Name another person who could make repeat appearances on the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage and have the same enormous impact on pop culture both times. We'll wait.

We'll take Revolutionary Bey on any day on the week. In a surprise to fans, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé showed up to the BET Awards unannounced to perform their celebratory and socially conscious hit "Freedom" from Lemonade. She gave us dancer-meets-gladiator on a stage covered in water, and we love a good wet moment.


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