9 Earrings that Make Big Statements

9 Earrings that Make Big Statements

9 Earrings that Make Big Statements

Because who doesn't love a statement earring?

Because who doesn't love a statement earring?

Text: Payton Turkeltaub

Gone are the days of understated accessories - statement earrings are the hottest item this season, and the bigger and bolder the better. Whether you prefer gold or silver, hoops or studs, diamonds or pearls, V is here to give you a round up on the eye-catching styles that are sure to elevate any outfit. Jeans and a T-shirt? Add a statement earring! Drowning beneath a winter jacket, scarf and hat? A statement earring offers the perfect pop of shine. Stepping out in an all-black ensemble? May we persuade you to add a sparkling statement earring? You get the gist. Bold and attention-catching, these earrings bring an impossibly cool touch to any outfit. If you’re still not on board, read on for a range of pieces sure to sell you. 

Justine Clenquet, Lewis Earrings

$53, Justine Clenquet  

Paco Rabanne, Eight Nano Earrings 

$290, Paco Rabanne  

Santangelo, Silver Baba Earrings 

$210, Santangelo

Hugo Kreit, Blue Shroom Earrings

$375, SSENSE

Mondo Mondo, Gold Flower Pearl Drop Earrings 

$325, Mondo Mondo

Mondo Mondo, Silver Tropicana Earrings 

$275, Mondo Mondo

Jessi Burch, Silver Mars Earrings 

$250, Jessi Burch

Dries Van Noten, Gold Earpin Hoop Earrings

$227, SSENSE 

Yvonne Léon, Gold Bo Pearl Histoire Earrings 

$1,240, SSENSE


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