9 Instagram Designers Bringing Reworked Clothing To Your Closet

9 Instagram Designers Bringing Reworked Clothing To Your Closet


9 Instagram Designers Bringing Reworked Clothing To Your Closet

From the perfect patchwork sweatshirt to trousers made of rice sacks, we're sharing our favorite reworking small businesses to sustainably support.

From the perfect patchwork sweatshirt to trousers made of rice sacks, we're sharing our favorite reworking small businesses to sustainably support.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

Online shopping is fun and convenient, but made all the better when you have access to independent, small sellers you may not see on an ordinary shopping spree down Broadway.

On Instagram, designers and sellers have been veering toward repurposed clothing, using pre-existing materials, fabrics and sewn garments to deconstruct and reconstruct something brand-new and completely original. Not only is the practice sustainable and eco-friendly, but by shopping these sellers, you’re supporting small businesses and adding unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made with love and care to your closet.

Searching for some shopping inspo to get your next reworked piece? Look no further. Read on to see 9 of our favorite Instagram shops with stunning reworked clothing.

1. @3womenco

Based in Long Beach, 3 Women uses vintage textiles to make stunning repurposed garments, from trousers to dresses to button-down shirts. No two pieces are alike, making everything they sell truly unique. Even better, customers are encouraged to select their fabric of preference from the 3 Women collection—from baggy pants made of old rice sacks or quilted trousers stitched from various patchworks, 3 Women is one of a kind.

2. @randomaffects

Random Affects is the one-stop-shop for unique, edgy upcycled streetwear. Based in NYC, the brand splays cool, chic designs—including an 8-ball motif, red and white flames and groovy, retro squiggles—across various garments, even embellishing a denim jacket with strips of caution tape. For streetwear that’s unique and inspired, Random Affects is undoubtedly the place to go.

3. @defective_garments

Defective Garments is the epitome of “reworked,” bringing your favorite sport and streetwear brands—with a twist. With scheduled, much-coveted drops, the brand brings sweatshirts and outerwear from icons such as Nike, Champion and Kith, attaching intricately decorative tapestry sleeves or detailing patchwork. Plus, on their site, Defective Garment has a wide-range of tie-dyed, bleached and embellished vintage tees.

4. @flipfairyclothing

San Diego-based, Flip Fairy Clothing reworks thrifted pieces into upcycled everyday favorites. From patchwork graphic tees with bleached detailing to cozy knitwear matching sets, everything the brand has to offer is cute, affordable and handmade with love and care, bringing unique and custom fits right to your closet.

5. @one.of.one.ny

One of One New York is the CEO of upcycled vintage luxury. Handcrafted in NYC, the brand uses locally-sourced vintage pieces to craft brand-new faves with designer motifs, often including details such as the Chanel double Cs, Louis Vuitton LV monogram or Nike swoosh on their hoodies, jackets and puffers. Anything from this brand is sure to be a statement piece, eye-catching and vibrant as they are.

6. @215.upcycled

215 Upcycled brings one of a kind vintage and custom pieces to your closet, manufacturing garments including luxury denim, matching sets, cozy outerwear and retro tees. With contemporary, urban styles and a selection of styles to choose from, shopping 215 is the simplest way to spice up your everyday wardrobe.

7. @urban.reworks

Urban Reworks makes must-have sweatpants and hoodies. Using fabrics from brands like Nike and various sportswear, Urban Reworks stitches together reworked garments that are colorful, unique and much more fun than just a regular old pair of sweats. Who said dressing down can’t also mean dressing up?

8. @reworkedbyromi

Created by fashion student Romi David, Reworked by Romi utilizes upcycled fabrics to make inspired reworked pieces that are on-trend. Custom corsets in a double G print, hoodies emblazoned with a rainbow LV monogram and patchwork Champion sweatpants are only a fraction of the trends Reworked by Romi upcycles, adding a twist to everyday, classic faves.

9. @expensivethebrand

Expensive brings reworked garments to the next level. Elevating contemporary styles with rhinestone embellishments, logos emblazoned across the crotch of denim pieces and high-status streetwear made sleek and sexy, the brand proves that vintage doesn’t have to look old, and something reworked can often be even more appealing than something brand new.

Credits: Images courtesy of brands


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