TBT: A Celebration of Print by Nick Knight

TBT: A Celebration of Print by Nick Knight

TBT: A Celebration of Print by Nick Knight

Anna Trevelyan reminisces on the importance of print fashion magazines.

Anna Trevelyan reminisces on the importance of print fashion magazines.

Photography: Nick Knight

Styling: Anna Trevelyan

Back in June of 2019, we teased a special collaborative project with longtime members of the V family: Nick Knight and Anna Trevelyan. To commemorate our 20th year, the two creative forces ushered in a fleet of fashion's next superstars to harness the power of printed matter—crafting one-of-a-kind garments with archival editions of V Magazine, brought to life by a parade of beauties. To complete this futuristic constellation, they rocked the greatest hits of the Swarovski Atelier.

Today, we caught up with Anna about what print fashion magazines mean to her.

"I grew up in the Midlands (London) where there wasn't a wealth of like fashion or creative culture around me at all. And so, you know, the only place I really found that was in these like obscure magazines," says Trevelyan.

Like many teens, she too used her favorite fashion publication clippings to create a real-life collage on her walls. "I just always was really into like the fantasy images — so for me, it was like a total escape." Even now, as the world as we know it skews digital, print will always hold a special place for the London-born stylist. "Now, you know, there are [projects] I've worked on that I think has the most stunning, beautiful images and they just don't translate on your tiny iPhone screen. But when you see it in the magazine, and you see it printed like that, it makes such a difference—it's just so beautiful and so inspiring. You actually take the time to absorb the picture rather than just scrolling past it," she says.

Certainly, the digital era and virtual communities continue to grow, but the romanticism of tangibility and nostalgia for the fashion community will remain steadfast. "I hope that people continue to be inspired by print because it's almost like you can touch the artist in a way."

See below to observe the alchemy that brought these V Magazine pages to life:


Makeup Erin Parsons (Streeters)

Hair Sam McKnight (Premier Hair and Make-up)

Models Grace Elizabeth (Next), Indira Scott (DNA),

Hoyeon Jung (The Society), Aweng Chuol (State),

Jazzelle Zanaughtti (The Society), Akiima (IMG),

Hannah Ferguson (IMG), Luna Bijl (DNA),

Jordan Daniels (The Society), Hungry

Manicure Adam Slee (Streeters) Tailor Kevin Geddes

Set design Andrew Tomlinson (Streeters)

Executive Producer Kat Davey (Liberte Productions)

Digital Technician Joe Colley Photo assistants Tom Alexander,

Ralph Lawson, Stefan Ebelewicz, George Read, Harry Ecroyd,

Gabor Herczegfalvi Stylist assistants Hamish Wirgman, Archie Grant

Makeup assistants Aya Watanabe, Christian Briceno, Manisha Parti,

Sergio Alvarez Hair assistants Fabio Petri, Kumiko Tsumagari,

Amidat Giwa, Ryan Wood Set design assistant David Konix

Production assistant Alice Carlet Runner Jess Chant

Retouching Epilogue Imaging Location Alva West Studios


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