A First Taste of Beyoncé in New ‘Lion King’ Trailer

The singer, who voices Nala in the forthcoming remake, narrates a new teaser trailer.

The first look at Beyoncé in The Lion King is here—or is it first sound? A new trailer has just been released for the forthcoming animated remake, in which Beyoncé voices Nala. She’s joined by a similarly all-star cast including Donald Glover (Simba), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar), Seth Rogan (Pumba), Billy Eichnor (Timon), and James Earl Jones, who reprises the original role of Mufasa.

This speaking role for the singer follows her recent Netflix documentary debut, Homecoming, which is reportedly a part of a $60 million, three project-deal. Tack on husband Jay-Z’s billion dollar net worth and one could say the Carters have even more than a billion dollars on that metaphoric elevator.

The Lion King hits theaters on July 2019.

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