VMAN’s Guide to Fantastic Fall Fragrances

The most unique scents that create an impression all on their own

According to science, our sense of smell is strongly linked with memories in the brain, probably more so than any of our other senses. Smells conjure our deepest, most forgotten memories making scents have a powerful lasting effect on yourself and those around you, evoking deep nostalgia and emotion. So when it comes to making a great first impression, everyone should have a signature fragrance to impress, and V is here to help with seven men’s and unisex scents to wow.

Aramis Eau de Toilette by Estée Lauder 





























Aramis was first introduced by Estée Lauder in 1964 and since has become one of the most famous fragrances to date, even having it’s personal Wikipedia page. Named after a Turkish root known for its aphrodisiac qualities, Aramis was the first prestige men’s cologne that was intended to come off as elegant, yet also provocative. Perfumer Bernard Chant created an unusual concoction that blends notes of leather and patchouli with a natural body odor for a naturally sexy smell.

Thé Noir 29 by Le Labo

Le Labo




























An ode to the everyday black tea and the process that surrounds it, Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29 is one of those incredibly unique scents where you can’t totally put your finger on what it is. A black tea leaf extraction is combined with woodsy bergamot and vetiver that comes off as a rich but subtly leafy floral scent.


Gucci Mémoire d’Une Odeur























For Gucci’s first non-binary perfume, perfumer Alberto Morillas established a new fragrance category of mineral aromatics. With a cocktail of chamomile from 16th and 17th-century Roman gardens and night-blooming jasmine, the fresh green smell transports you to the breeze of a sweltering Italian Summer at first smell.

Tempo Eau de Parfum by Diptyque





























The Tempo fragrance doubles a time machine that transports you back to the swinging ’60s where patchouli aromas were all the rage. Tempo draws upon this era with three separate patchouli extracts elevated by notes of violet leaf. Just throw on your bell-bottoms and go-go boots and you’re good to go.

Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute for Him

Hugo Boss




























The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss is pretty much the perfect fragrance for the Fall as cooler weather creeps in. Intensely spicy to the nose, The Scent includes pungent ginger with a unique blend of African Maninka fruit and licorice-y mondia root.


Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum



















Bleu de Chanel is a true fragrance counter classic when it comes to picking an all-purpose scent. Created by Chanel’s in-house perfumer Jacques Polge, musky labdanum blends with fresh citrus and notes of sandalwood for a clean but no less bold smell that is sure to garner a few compliments (and sniffs).


Byredo Slow Dance Eau de Parfum





















Byredo’s Slow Dance is meant to blur the lines of women’s and men’s perfume creating a scent that combines traditionally masculine and feminine perfume styles. Both bitter and sweet, Slow Dance has a base of vanilla and patchouli mixed with undernotes of geranium and labdanum for a scent that inspires “a feeling of exhilaration tempered by awkwardness.”

Perry Ellis: America

Perry Ellis























First launched in 1996, this fresh Spring-y fragrance is classified as a sporty scent that shifts for practically any occasion. Notes of juicy pineapple and spicy white pepper combine with woodsy birch and amber to leave a scent trail that’ll have everyone following you.

Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein


















Calvin Klein’s Eternity for men is a foolproof timeless fragrance that first debuted in 1990. Since then, the eau de toilette has become a fan-favorite for the ages with hearty green botanical aromas combined with mandarin, geranium, and sage.


Tiffany & Love for Him

Tiffany & Co.

















In addition to the Tiffany & Love line of fragrances, Tiffany & Love for Him shares a common ingredient with its sister fragrances of blue sequoia in honor of the house’s iconic palette. Under the piney blue sequoia, you’ll smell ginger and cardamom with middle notes of juniper and lavender.


Ex Nihilo Atlas Fever

Photo via Bergdorf Goodman

Shyamala Maisodieu created this fragrance with music on the mind. The rebellious attitude of Rock’n’Roll fuses with sweet notes of Tonka bean and Vanilla for the vibrant accord of complexity that is Atlas Fever.

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