A Little Piece of Y/Project is Coming to Diesel

In the form of Diesel’s newly-appointed Creative Director Glenn Martens

In an exciting bit of fashion news following the end of Fashion Month, Glenn Martens has been appointed as the Creative Director for Italian retail brand Diesel. Martens will be in charge of the brand’s “overall creativity” as he transitions over and applies his distinct voice to Diesel’s essence.

Previously Creative Director for Parisian streetwear label Y/Project, Belgian designer Martens has gained recognition for his playful and innovative take on proportions, texture, and materiality, including denim. A centerpiece of the brand, Diesel’s use of denim has come to define the brand itself, and there’s no doubt that Martens’ unique eye will provide a fresh take on the brand’s staple material.

Photo Courtesy of Diesel Red Tag Project by Glenn Martens

Martens and Diesel have also partnered before, coming together to make a capsule collection for the brand’s Red Tag Project. With this collab for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, the duo showed us that a greater partnership was meant to be, Martens continuing his re-contextualization of the brand as Creative Director.

Photo Courtesy of Diesel Red Tag Project by Glenn Martens

Diesel’s own founder Renzo Rosso announced Martens’ new role at the label, expressing his confidence in Martens  to cherish the brand while bringing it in a slightly new direction. “I know for sure he will take this iconic brand in his hands with love, respect and passion. And with the right approach to make it dreamed about, desired and loved.”

Glenn Martens has also expressed his appreciation at joining the Diesel family, looking forward to bringing his voice to the iconic brand, their fashion union a symbol of hope.

2020 has put us through a lot, but it’s also given us some intriguing fashion partnerships to keep an eye out for. Here’s to looking forward to what comes next for Diesel under their newest Creative Director, Glenn Martens.

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