A Message from Marina Abramovic

A Message from Marina Abramovic

Did you miss her? Don't worry—you'll be seeing more and more of the performance artist (and V contributor!) Marina Abramovic, starting today. Watch this video she made for her fans announcing the Marina Abramovic Institute, and it's fabulous website, now live.

Abramovic has become a spokesperson for performance art in its popular form, gaining attention from such mainstream avenues as Sex and the City, House M.D. (each based episodes around some of Abramovic’s past performances) and this Lady Gaga Q&A. "The Abramovic Method" is a way of life to some, and it can now be experienced in its purest form at the upstate New York institute by program applicants. That performance art is in essence a rejection of an understood function of theater only further complicates the process of defining a mainstream version of it. But that this art form has become part of popular culture is undeniable. We predict copycat institutes and graduate programs will be popping up all over the world, after we see the success of this one.

Check out Ms. Abramovic in V67, The New York Issue HERE.


Gabriella Wilde